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  1. Hi Astroboy,

    There's actually a way to add logos/images in your DataPages that are directly uploaded to Caspio. Here are the steps to do this:

    1. Add a new App Parameter inside your application. This can be found on your App Overview > App Parameters > Manage
    2. Under App Parameters, click on new then set a parameter name and change the data type from 'Text' to 'File'. Upload an image by clicking the add file button under 'Value' and click on save.
    3. Go to your DataPage configuration and add a Header & Footer or HTML Block. Make sure to disable the HTML editor under the Advanced tab.
    4. Lastly, add this HTML code and insert the app parameter between the two double quotation marks using the picker.

    <img src="[*Add your app parameter here*]">

  2. If your schedule doesn't match the schedule of the training, you might want to check these videos instead on your best time:

    Basic Training with Caspio - Introduction to Application Building - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEB-8O0cJZ0
    Intermediate Training with Caspio - Application Architecture and Authentication - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8HZC3mBSPg
    Advanced Training with Caspio - Database Relationships and Passing Parameters - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYcBQSb7dWs

    However, it would be best to attend the training so your questions can be addressed right away. 

  3. 'Count Non Blank' is an aggregate function which means that this would work better if used in aggregation. However, I have here a different syntax that is similar to count non blank that you might want to try:

    SELECT COUNT ([@field name]) FROM Table name WHERE [@field name] != ' '

    Just make sure  to change the field name and table name according to your table name and design.

  4. Hello,

    If you're using a Number, Currency or Integer Data Type for your search fields in your DataPage, you may apply the range as a comparison type as long as you're using a Radio button, Drop down or List box Form Elements. Range is also available when using special elements such as Cascading Radio button, Drop down or List box.

    Please refer to the screenshot attached for reference:


  5. Just want to give an example on this. If you have a Home page with a centralized login and you want all users to login from Home page, when they tried to open another page (e.g. Dashboard page), they will be redirected to your Home page.
    Below is a use case.
    You have 3 web pages:
    1.    Dashboard page (dashboard.html). This has 5 DataPages deployed in it. There will be 5 login forms displayed on it. 
    2.    Profile page (myprofile.html). This has 2 DataPages deployed in it.
    3.    Welcome page (home.html). This has only one DataPage deployed in it.
    You want all users regardless on from where they come from to see only one centralized login form (not 5 or 2), and you want all users to be redirected to your Dashboard page after login. You set up a “designated entry page” to be home.html, and “login redirection on success” to be dashboard.html.
    Then, when non-authenticated user opens dashboard.html, they will be redirected to home.html with one login form, and after successful login they will got redirected to dashboard.html. 
    If non-authenticated user tries to open myprofile.html, they will be redirected to home.html, where they will need to enter login information, and then they will be redirected to dashboard.html (as all users after successful login go to Dashboard page).
    If authenticated user opens any page, they will not be redirected and will stay on the page they opened.


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