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    Just want to give an example on this. If you have a Home page with a centralized login and you want all users to login from Home page, when they tried to open another page (e.g. Dashboard page), they will be redirected to your Home page.   Below is a use case.
    You have 3 web pages:
    1.    Dashboard page (dashboard.html). This has 5 DataPages deployed in it. There will be 5 login forms displayed on it. 
    2.    Profile page (myprofile.html). This has 2 DataPages deployed in it.
    3.    Welcome page (home.html). This has only one DataPage deployed in it.   You want all users regardless on from where they come from to see only one centralized login form (not 5 or 2), and you want all users to be redirected to your Dashboard page after login. You set up a “designated entry page” to be home.html, and “login redirection on success” to be dashboard.html.
    Then, when non-authenticated user opens dashboard.html, they will be redirected to home.html with one login form, and after successful login they will got redirected to dashboard.html. 
    If non-authenticated user tries to open myprofile.html, they will be redirected to home.html, where they will need to enter login information, and then they will be redirected to dashboard.html (as all users after successful login go to Dashboard page).
    If authenticated user opens any page, they will not be redirected and will stay on the page they opened.  
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