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  1. Thank you for taking a look. I've tried the grouping and pivot table features -- they provide a fix in terms of organizing all the results by distinct results, however they still list each result as part of the grouping. And all of the data I also need to show (event location, date, etc.) show up in the sublist of the duplicates, not on the main line. This approach would work OK when each result is meaningful in and of itself (for example invoices), but in a use case of subject tags it's not OK. I've asked around a lot and I think that unfortunately this is not an area Caspio can handl
  2. JJMcM123 - I am curious how you resolved this. I would have tried to avoid this issue by having the datapage search only the Products table (where each product is listed only once), and in the Product table you connect each product to only the most recent price. If you want the ability to show historical prices then that's when you'd go to the Price table, for example to produce a list of prices per Product.
  3. I can't figure out how to search based on many-to-many relationships without getting duplicate results. To create a many-to-many relationship in Caspio, you have to use a joining table which connects the two other tables. Each of the other tables connects to the joining table via a one-to-many relationship. Here's an example of the issue below, based on an Events (i.e. conferences) database that uses Subject Tags. I have an Events table (list of conferences) and a Subject table (list of Subject Tags). Each Event will have multiple Subject Tags assigned to it. I create a joinin
  4. I haven't used Wix but have been using Weebly and use parameters extensively. So far so good in terms of deployment. (Separately, Weebly seems to be limited how it allows you to build and style pages, but perhaps professional web developers know ways around that). One thing to be aware of regarding styling. When you embed Caspio within Weebly, the styling on the datapages is the style you set in Caspio... unless that data page or field is something you've built in .html, in which case the styling picks up the css styling from Weebly. If you are using html pages or fields, build in extra
  5. NickO -- I am curious if your issue is the same one I am describing in this post -- that if you search a joining table used to create many-to-many relationships, you get duplicate results. I am still searching for a solution to this issue but no one seems to have one.
  6. I am having problems with this many-to-many area as well. The tutorial mentioned here and the documentation don't address it. Yes you can create a joining table to form the many to many relationships. But all sorts of problems arise, and I haven't as of yet found any solutions. The main problem arises from the fact that a Caspio form (or "datapage") is tied to only 1 specific table or view. And therefore if you're searching based on a many-to-many relationship, your search form is then tied to the view that has been created off the many-to-many joining table. Using the e
  7. That's fantastic, thank you! I dropped the code into the footer and I also decreased the timing from 5000 to 500 to reduce the delay before it ran; and it runs great!
  8. Hello, checking again to see if anyone might have a solution, before I table this as not possible. Thank you.
  9. Hello - I have a search form and a results list on the same page, per this approach: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/tech-parameters/add-a-search-interface-to-results-sets-page/ The search form is a submission form which passes parameters to a results list. Both are embedded in the same web page. When the web page loads I'd like the search form to auto-submit based on some default values, so that a list of results is generated. Otherwise it just shows "No records found" until the user submits the form. I see Caspio provided an auto-submit javascript solution b
  10. Hello -- hoping for some upfront guidance on how to create a login process that matches what many sites are using these days, like a news website. The process and functionality is... 1) Visitor navigates to a Content Page that is visible to anyone, let's say a page of news headline links. 2) There is a Login Link on the top right of the page. 3) A Registered User can click on the Login Link and: a) They will be taken to a page or pop-up where they can log in. b) After logging in, they may see a customer welcome message or notice from the webs
  11. Thank you, that was what I was afraid of, but I'm glad to have the clarity and do the manual fix now and set it up correctly going forward. This would be a good area for Caspio to build into its documentation.
  12. Another way to try it... If you didn't want the first form to actually make a submission to your table, you could set up that first form as virtual fields an then pass the entries to the second form as parameters. The second form would then receive those parameters and enter them into the actual entry fields, which you'd hide (since the user has already "entered" them in the first form). When the user fills out the new fields he/she sees in the second form, the entries for both the first and second form are then entered into your data table in one go. To enable a user to go back to
  13. Hello -- hoping someone can clarify whether an issue related to line breaks is fixable or not. I've searched the documentation and forum for an answer without any luck. I have a Text(64000) data field in my table which I use to store multi-line addresses. Street is on the first line, and city/state/zip on the second line. In a datapage entry form, using text area w/out rich text editing enabled, I can put the street and city/state/zip on different lines within the field by hitting return. Since I'm not using the rich text option which puts in html behind the scenes, there is n
  14. Hello - I'm trying to find the easiest way to remove the scrollbar from a listbox on a submission form. For example, in the following screenshot I've set the listbox with enough rows to cover all the options. The scrollbar still appears however.
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