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  1. That's fantastic, thank you! I dropped the code into the footer and I also decreased the timing from 5000 to 500 to reduce the delay before it ran; and it runs great!
  2. Hello, checking again to see if anyone might have a solution, before I table this as not possible. Thank you.
  3. Hello - I have a search form and a results list on the same page, per this approach: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/tech-parameters/add-a-search-interface-to-results-sets-page/ The search form is a submission form which passes parameters to a results list. Both are embedded in the same web page. When the web page loads I'd like the search form to auto-submit based on some default values, so that a list of results is generated. Otherwise it just shows "No records found" until the user submits the form. I see Caspio provided an auto-submit javascript solution below. However, since the submission form reloads after each search, the below creates an infinite loop. Does anyone have a simple solution so that the search form auto-submits ONLY when the user first visits the web page? Thank you.
  4. Hello -- hoping for some upfront guidance on how to create a login process that matches what many sites are using these days, like a news website. The process and functionality is... 1) Visitor navigates to a Content Page that is visible to anyone, let's say a page of news headline links. 2) There is a Login Link on the top right of the page. 3) A Registered User can click on the Login Link and: a) They will be taken to a page or pop-up where they can log in. b) After logging in, they may see a customer welcome message or notice from the website. c) They can click a link to return to the Content Page. d) On the Content Page, instead of displaying a Login Link top right, it now has links for the user -- like Logout, Account, etc. d) They can click on news headlines and view the articles. 4) IF a visitor arrives at the Content Page and clicks on a news headline before they login: a) They will be redirected to a login page or pop-up, as described in #3 above b) However, after logging in, instead of being directed back to the Content Page, they will be directed to the news article they clicked on. I know I could take care of #1-3 by duplicating the Content Page -- one version for a visitor who is not logged in, and another for a visitor who is logged in. But that seems like a clumsy way to do it since I would need to keep two content pages identical and updated. And that does not address #4, where someone clicks on a news headline, is redirected to a login page, and then expects to proceed to the news article rather than being redirected back to the Content Page and having to click on the desired content again. Thank you.
  5. Thank you, that was what I was afraid of, but I'm glad to have the clarity and do the manual fix now and set it up correctly going forward. This would be a good area for Caspio to build into its documentation.
  6. Another way to try it... If you didn't want the first form to actually make a submission to your table, you could set up that first form as virtual fields an then pass the entries to the second form as parameters. The second form would then receive those parameters and enter them into the actual entry fields, which you'd hide (since the user has already "entered" them in the first form). When the user fills out the new fields he/she sees in the second form, the entries for both the first and second form are then entered into your data table in one go. To enable a user to go back to the first form prior to submitting the second form, create the back button as an actual link back to the first form, (or try the back button javascript) and set up the first form to also receive parameters so that it "catches" the same parameters it sent to the second form. This then pre-populates the fields in the first form with the info the user already put in. One complication is ensuring that that you don't run into a situation where old parameters are sitting around and appearing in the first form's field uninvited. You can use the ?cbResetParam=1 when first directing the user to the first form, which will clear any parameters before the user sees the form. However, if you do this, the link from the second form to the first form will need to be a url link that doesn't have this parameter clearing instruction. If you use the javascript "back" button, it's the same as hitting the browser back button and the first form page url will still have the ?cbResetParam=1 which will clear the entries. I have not tested this approach for your use, but I've used a similar setup for another purpose.
  7. Hello -- hoping someone can clarify whether an issue related to line breaks is fixable or not. I've searched the documentation and forum for an answer without any luck. I have a Text(64000) data field in my table which I use to store multi-line addresses. Street is on the first line, and city/state/zip on the second line. In a datapage entry form, using text area w/out rich text editing enabled, I can put the street and city/state/zip on different lines within the field by hitting return. Since I'm not using the rich text option which puts in html behind the scenes, there is no <br /> separating the lines. When I look at the data table itself, the lines are broken correctly in the field, and there isn't any html. (I assume Caspio has some way of recognizing the line break.) I can also create these line breaks when entering the address directly into the data table, by using Alt + Enter, as discussed in these release notes: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-bridge-9-0/ The field is called "Address". When displaying the Address field on a datapage details page, if I select the field directly as a field for display, it displays the two address lines correctly, like the below: 24 Willie Mays Plaza San Francisco, CA 94107 However, I've built my datapage details page using html blocks, given that the standard formatting options from direct insert aren't enough for what I need. So I insert the [@field:Address] into that block, but now it doesn't recognize the line break, and displays like the below. 24 Willie Mays Plaza San Francisco, CA 94107 I know I could go in and enable the rich text editor and insert <br /> where needed and then output the [@field:Address] in the html block as html rather than a string. However, I have nearly 1,000 addresses and manually going in and creating the breaks will be a major pain. Before I go through that process, I wanted to check that I'm not missing anything. Thank you.
  8. Hello - I'm trying to find the easiest way to remove the scrollbar from a listbox on a submission form. For example, in the following screenshot I've set the listbox with enough rows to cover all the options. The scrollbar still appears however.
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