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  1. G'day kpcollier, thanks for the thought. I started with making it unique in the table design. But some users won't have this ID number, so I need the capability to leave it blank for some users - hence the unique quality falls over at this point. (to the limit of my knowledge). In terms of format is just a 11 digit numerical - which is also easily constrained with table properties and DataPage validation...but once again falls over with allowing it to be left blank in some cases. If you have some more detail on how JS might allow both my validated non-dups and blank values I
  2. Hi all, I have a user entered field (ABN) which isn't required, but if it IS entered it needs to be a certain format and length and not be a duplicate with any other records. I was looking for a crafty way to perform a check upon entry (which may involve a check field of some sort?) the use that check to show a warning or stop entry entirely. Any ideas would be appreciated. If at all possible I really want to avoid a multi-step process for this check. With thanks Mel
  3. Thanks May, no luck with their sales/support to date (hence asking here). I might just go ahead and test a few functions in each.
  4. Hey All, I'm assessing Wix vs Weebly for a client project. The client prefers Wix but I'm seeing some limitations in using Caspio with Wix from a few years ago. These are my main concerns: - There have been a range of comments about Wix not support use of query string parameters. Any current views on this? - Will need to have multiple datapages on each Wix page with passed parameters. Is this still an issue with the Wix platform? TIA Mel
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