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  1. Hi Elderberg. Just like you, I've been trying for some time to get the value of a dropdown and copy it into a field. Would you like to send me a copy of your working caspio datapage. Thank you Manon
  2. Hi Elderberg. Where did you put that code so it would work? In the footer? Manon
  3. Hi Vitalikssssss. Thank you for answering my question quickly. However as I don't know Javascript could you make me a simpler example with only 2 fields either : InsertRecordIdIdee_4231fb6d798953 (Dropdown) InsertRecordTitre (Text) Thank you. Thank you. Manon
  4. HI. How can I copy the text from a dropdown field to a text field when user select a dropdown value? Thank you Manon
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