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  1. Thank you but what I want is for each Lender to select all MSA_lender_ offerings that they offer. I don't want MSA_lender_offering to be pre-populated. To select, the lender must be able to see all of the 101 MSA_Lender_offerings
  2. I a Above you will see that I have created a many to many relationship. In the Lenders table I have 101 records. In MSAs_ I have almost 1000 records. How do I build a data page based on the MSA_Lender_Offering where I see 1 one of the Lender records and all of the MSAs_ records so that I can select which MSAs_ the Lender offers.
  3. GWBjr

    Datapage sequencing

    I have built a registration page, After registering I want the user to be redirected to my authenticated Search and Report Datapage. How do I automatically direct the user to the 2nd Datapage?
  4. Excellent but the formula result includes the "@", how can the formula eliminate that?
  5. I would like a user to have access to records where their email (after the @) partially matches a field in the table called website. For example John@excel.com has access to records that have websites equaling www.excel.com. How can I accomplish this?
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