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  1. OK, I have now implemented a submission form as you suggested above and it works perfectly, except that I don't get the Multi-select option. What am I missing here?

    And now my next question is how do I create a link to that submission form in the Lender Search and Report Details Page above and have the Lender data automatically get entered in to the 3rd table ( MSA_Offerings)?

  2. Actually I am using the Search and Report since all Users (actually they are called Lenders) are pre-populated. 

    I don't see multi-select as an option.

    Ok so the Search and Report is sourced with the Lenders table.

    In that table as you can see is field called MSA'sCovered. I have tried to make the source for this field 3rd ManytoMany table-  MSA_Offerings, but I can't get the list of all of the MSA offering to appear for a mult-select.

    Below I have used the source of the 2nd table MSAs_1, but here I cannot get the Multi-select option either but I do get the entire list to pick from since those records already exist in the table.

    How do I see a list to pick from using the MSAOffering 3rd table?

    See below.


  3. I have 101 users that I want to select from a list of many offerings (1000) all of the offerings that apply to them. Currently I have a table of Users (101) and a Table of Offerings (1000).

    Do I create a 3rd table  for the many to many information. If yes, how do I use this 3rd table to create a form where user selects all of the offerings that apply to them? I don't think a drop down field in the user table is the way to go, correct? The offering table has two fields (offering name and state). Let me know if you need more information.

  4. 2 hours ago, Vitalikssssss said:

    Hi @GWBjr,

    You may need to utilize Formula field in table where you store user information (auth. table) in order to sub struct domain name and add global domain.

    You can use the following expression in the Formula field:

    'www.' + Substring([@field:Email], (Charindex('@', [@field:Email])), Len([@field:Email]))

    Finally, you can use this field in Record-Level-Security in order to accomplish your workflow.





    Excellent but the formula result includes the "@", how can the formula eliminate that?

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