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  1. I tried doing a border around it by using HTML blocks on either side and by editing the CSS. Failed on both attempts. The HTML block applies borders to internal table embedded in the file submission forms..so excess table cell borders. With CSS, I used inspector to identify the correct name, and added a border-style there. Nothing happening. Any pointers?
  2. I'm not sure what you are referring to. What attachment tab? When I have an upload file field, it simply shows a "Choose File" button.
  3. I would like to add a drag and drop upload feature. Drag from desktop to field in data page. Has anyone else found a good solutions for this?
  4. How do you amend the JS to allow for this to apply to multiple fields that need to be formatted as currency?
  5. I have set this up to do the following: - hide the "Choose File" button when a file has already been uploaded - hide the remove checkbox button when status is "Accepted" <input type="checkbox" id="EditRecordClient_information_sheetRemove" name="EditRecordClient_information_sheetRemove" value="true" style="visibility: hidden;"> What I can't get it to do is hide the label "Remove" next to the checkbox. <label for="EditRecordClient_information_sheetRemove">Remove</label> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> var fileCIS='[@field:Client_information_sheet/]'; var statusCIS='[@field:Client_information_sheet_status]'; if (fileCIS.length>0) { document.getElementById("EditRecordClient_information_sheet").style.visibility = 'hidden'; } if (statusCIS.length='Accepted') { document.getElementById("EditRecordClient_information_sheetRemove").style.visibility = 'hidden'; } if (statusCIS.length!=='Accepted') { document.getElementById("EditRecordClient_information_sheetRemove").style.visibility = 'visible'; } </script>
  6. Hey Bill, What did you ultimately come up with as a solution for this? I am contemplating using virtual field to generate random password (hidden), then passing this field in the initial email, then asking them to reset. However, I would prefer to trigger an automatic password reset, a password reset that is specific to initial registration so I can have the language match the process. Brian
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