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  1. NEVER MIND. I figured it out. Fun fact, not all zip codes exist. Since I was doing an INNER join using a Zipcode/Latitiude/Longitude table, my triggered action would exclude data that didn't have a matching zip code in the joined table. Some of the random zip codes I came up with to test with simply weren't needed when allocating zip codes for the United States. Because of this, they were getting excluded from the join. So, there was, in fact, nothing wrong with the WHERE clauses or the triggered action, just the data I was using.
  2. Hello, I am trying to make a triggered action that inserts records that have certain zip codes into a different table. The zip codes are stored as the Text 255 data type. The records that I want to send to the new table are ones with the zipcodes 00001 - 29999; 32000 - 34999; 40000 to 71599; and 73000 - 99999. I have been trying to use "SELECT WHERE #inserted.zip is greater than/less than" to filter the data, but I am getting weird results. For example, a zip code of 90210 gets shot to the other table, but 99876 does not, even though they both should be "greater than" 73000 in an alphanum
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