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  1. hello i need to resize all images in user form before submissions , client side not server side after submissions probably javascript code that resize all images in the form any idea about that or any other alternative
  2. @DesiLogiHaving the same problem, could you please advise how you got it fixed .
  3. In a submission form, Calculated Value (formula) in a number field where; calculated failed equals field A +filed B if i enter A and B manually the result will refresh real time and update automatically if value of filed A and B inserted by java script like time stamp the result filed will not update is there any way to auto refresh the calculated filed or better to understand what is different between manual input typing and java script to insert value for example below works and put the value in field but calculated field will not refresh unless manually press enter or any other key document.getElementById("InsertRecordLat").value = position.coords.latitude;
  4. From my excel sheet ;which option i should use to get data from caspio i tried to use "from web" option but it is not going how to connect my excel using query
  5. how to change field input type n submission form to tel this should popup the numeric or tel keypad for that field <input type="tel"> but how to add above code be applied on some fields
  6. I would like file filed to allow user to upload file using mobile camera only. And stamp photo with time stamp and user authentication field. I want to disable other file upload options Only mobile camera
  7. @Andrew Thanks working perfectly but as integer only , Any way to get decimals ,like 2.5 hrs for example No rounds . I want treat 90 min is 1.5 hours Maybe get minutes and divide by 60
  8. Adding time stamp to each record Adding new record to ID 5 for example I Need calculated field in my report or form to calculate the time in hours between current record and the previous record having the same ID.
  9. Hi, Looking for single logout link to sign out all users from one place. I have more than authentication level and each have it is sign out link need to put them together to sign out all from one link not by adding logout to each data page
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