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  1. Greatly appreciate your response @TellMeWhy! It is a Text field in a Submission form. I tried below in Header and Footer with HTML unchecked but was unsuccessful. <script> document.getElementById("New_catalog_entry").required = true; </script> Also tried without " "and ()
  2. Greetings Is there a way that I can make a hidden field be required? Thank you!
  3. Howdy NiceDuck, as always, a big thank you for your response! Actually what I am attempting to do is unrelated to checking uptime on my Caspio Instance. Within my workflow I have thousands of IP Addresses that the user periodically need to verify Ping response. What I am envisioning is with a simple "click" of the mouse, the user will be able to accomplish everything from the screen shot. Thanks you!
  4. I believe they "might" have started a LinkedIn group for Caspio Certified Developers. If not, it would be good for consideration.
  5. Greetings I am curious if anyone successfully integrated "Ping" capabilities within Caspio? I am envisioning that the IP Address will already contain the Ping command within code residing in Caspio, so that when the user clicks on it, it will simply run the ping as in the below from my Windows Terminal window: Thank you!
  6. Excellent solution, worked like a charm. Hastur's solution worked too, but seams to be resource intensive. (Perhaps my machine just acted up..) Thank you both!!
  7. Thank you @NiceDuck, will do!
  8. Thank you SO much for your response @NiceDuck ! This ended up being much simpler than what I thought. All I had to do was add the same attachment object to both workflows. Thanks again and sorry for my late note of appreciation !
  9. Howdy, I have two Tabular reports in my workflow, Team A and Team B. Team A needs to upload an Excel Doc (This works great!) Team B needs to be able to download the same Doc. To date I have not been able to find a solution for this. Thank you! :)
  10. Greetings everyone We use OKTA two factor authentication with our Caspio App and I am wondering if there is a good way to know at any give time how many users are actively logged in. I am familiar with the "User Logs" area, but do not find exactly what I am looking for. Thank you in advance! Cheers
  11. Thank you SO much, checking it out now :)
  12. Greetings creative Minds :) We just went live with our new system using Caspio and I am curious if anyone has a creative way to "visually" highlight/illuminate/color code the last ticket worked? Below is an example: (I could add a last time modified field, but would like to experiment with colors if possible.) My end goal is to highlight tickets older than 7 days Orange, older than 10 days red etc, but I am starting off slow. Appreciate any feedback :)
  13. My dear friend Archie from Caspio Support was able to assist me. Here is the solution in case this helps anyone else. He also shared this very helpful URL with me: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/search-and-filter-comparison-types/
  14. Hi, Hoping to get some guidance with the following please: I would like the report to only be visible if the following three conditions are met: (It worked great until I added the third criteria at the very bottom.) Thank you in advance!
  15. Thank you @LittleMsGinger ! Will certainly try and status accordingly. Appreciate your time!
  16. Great thread y'all! Hoping this one is easy I would like to change the font in my Tabular report based on two keywords: "Completed" Green Font "Incomplete" Red Font Thank you in advance!
  17. Hi @kpcollier, than you for your response. The user starts to type a name in 9.1 Once the lookup feature located the correct entry, the user can then choose to move it automatically to the box labelled 9.2 It is good to know that the field 9.2 should allow for multiple entries. Thank you
  18. Greetings everyone, I am trying to come up with a better way to have my customers accomplish the following: As you can see, the table on the left does the lookup and my customers MANUALLY copy paste to the field on the right side. Thank you in advance!
  19. Thank you SO much @LittleMsGinger I changed my design a couple of days ago, but know I will have to use this in the future and shall implement accordingly. Appreciate this!
  20. @Hastur - Greatly appreciate your input and the time you took to research this. I think I am getting the expand options fine with the settings below from the Tabular report. Your information will definitely help me in the future. For now, I might just let the user manually collapse the matching options, my concern is just that if the user accidentally do not match the options correctly then it leaves room for human error. Big Thanks!!! :)
  21. Thank you for your response @Hastur That is correct, if either button is clicked, both should expand collectively.
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