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  1. We've been creating and managing an application for a customer over the past year or so and the application now consists of several data pages, all of which are published and embedded into a WordPress website which we've confgured as a secure portal for their staff use. Because of the way some of the datapages have had to be configured, they are quite wide in their content, which isn't a problem for users with a large screen monitor, however, laptop users have been unable to 'scroll' the page to access content what was off screen. A while ago, using this forum, I saw an article that
  2. Hi I've tried a few different WordPress theme's in which I've embedded some Caspio datapages and had mixed results with the formatting, layout once the page is published. None so far have given me an exact match of what I get when I preview the page from within the Caspio portal. Are there any recommeded theme's that Caspio endorse as being suitable for hosting their apps? Thanks
  3. Thanks Alison. I'll take a look at the cascading elements and see if I can acheive the result we're looking for.
  4. Hi I'm fairly new to Caspio's platform and have been reviewing many of the online video's from which I've created an application in which our field consultants can search for suppliers who provide certain products to our customers. At this stage there are 9 products in the application. Each product has up to 10 sub-categories and each of these sub-category has a list of items. We have a 'supplier profile' table which contains all of the details of each supplier - name, address, website, contact details, products offered, sub-categories of those products. In our table the s
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