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    guardmetrics reacted to Hastur in Display aggregate of total time as HH:MM   
    The calculated field should look like this in:
    CAST((( DATEDIFF(minute, [@field:Patrol_Activity_Database_Date], [@field:Patrol_Activity_Database_1_Date]) - (DATEDIFF(minute, [@field:Patrol_Activity_Database_Date], [@field:Patrol_Activity_Database_1_Date]) % 60) ) / 60) AS nvarchar) + ':' + CAST((DATEDIFF(minute, [@field:Patrol_Activity_Database_Date], [@field:Patrol_Activity_Database_1_Date]) % 60) AS nvarchar) Also you may find other examples here - 
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    guardmetrics got a reaction from Alison in Move submit button to right of field instead of below form   
    Nevermind! I figured it out.  Will post for reference for others:
    .cbSearchButtonContainer {
     display: none !important;
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