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  1. Hi all, what is the daily email limit on triggered actions? Does the daily email limit also count for tasks? Thanks!
  2. Thanks @Vitalikssssss ! I want to receive Maestro bank cards for my EU business. Think this is not possible.
  3. Hi all, is Stripe payment integration only for credit cards (VISA of Mastercard) or can this also be used for normal EU bank cards? K regards, Bleman
  4. Thanks a lot Andrew! It works when you change the timestamp and Date Field.
  5. Hi, I have a question about time and date in a task. We created a form where our freelancers can define their categories to receive matching jobs. Daily, we want to send our freelancers an email if a new job matches their categories AND only if the job was posted in the last 24 hour. Please see below. Is this a correct scheme? K regards, B
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