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  1. Hi vitalikssssss, Please see screen shot, I haven't got a relation between the Contractor_Data and Main_Data (Orchard) the only relationship would be the Trading_Name = Contractor_1, 2 or 3 Regards Chris
  2. Hi vitalikssssss Thank you for your help, I have created the data page exactly as suggested, filtering data based on auth field from Contractor_Data using Trading_Name as the matching record. This now gives no results??? I have double checked and everything is exactly right and in my mind should work as expected. Kind regards Chris
  3. Hi, apologies but not sure my title explains exactly what I'm trying to achieve! I've got 2 tables - Main_Data and Contractor_Data, I've then created a details data page where I have included 3 drop down fields. The user can then select a Contractor (TradingName) using the drop downs from the Contractor_Data table which then become Contractor_1 in the Main_Data table, the same then for Contractor_2 and Contractor_3 - this all works fine. So I have created a view so each contractor can log in to see their respective jobs, I have linked the tables using Contractor_Data.TradingName = Main_
  4. Hi, I've created collapsible sections in my details page. However what I would like to achieve is when the user opens a collapsible section it automatically closes any other sections (if they are open)
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