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  1. @kpcollier or @Hastur, are you able to help me with a related question please? If I need to check a field for blanks and then disable, can I check against '' in element.includes(), instead of 0? (elements.includes('')
  2. Wonderful! It worked! Deeply appreciate your inputs, @Hastur and @kpcollier
  3. Thank you, I am completely novice to JS and front end development in general; so please bear with me for very fundamental questions. Do I need to replace InsertRecordfield_1 with my calculated field name such as Virtual 1 or Virtual2? Or are there specific ids for the value placeholders that I need to use? // here you may define the list of the selectors to choose calculated fields you may use in condition let elementsSelectors = ['span[id^="InsertRecordfield_1"]', 'span[id^="InsertRecordfield_2"]', 'span[id^="InsertRecordfield_3"]']; elementsSelectors.map(function(selector) { document.querySelector(selector).addEventListener('DOMSubtreeModified', function() { inputHandler(event, elementsSelectors);
  4. I have a submission form with a couple of calculated values; need to disable submit button if either of those values are zero. Any help to achieve that functionality is appreciated
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