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  1. @FaeFaeFae This is great. Thank you so much. One more related question... There might be a case where it is not the last two columns. Is there a way to add a conditional component to it? Like Below? If #Columns = 6 then color column 5 and color column 6 if #Columns = 5 then color column 5
  2. Hello, I have a working JS solution for my chart that shows my first 4 columns one color (default for my style), my 5th a new color, and my 6th another color. My JS is below. My issue is that while most of the time the chart will show all 6 columns, there are a few instances where less than 6 will show. In that case I need to adjust the colors based on how many there are. Basically, the last two columns should be the different colors than the original columns. Again, the solution works well if there are 6 columns like usual, but sometimes there might only be 4 columns. In that case, the f
  3. I would not say there is a straightforward answer to this question, as there is such a variety of things you can do, with or without custom coding through Caspio. Now to try and answer, I would say back-end SQL developers would probably make a good fit, just because a major component of Caspio, is building the data structure. That being said, you could get by creating apps in Caspio without writing any SQL at all. You would really just want someone who is really good with database structure, and knows how to put the complete picture together. In my experience, someone can pick up creating
  4. Hello, I have a triggered action that works, however it is so slow and clunky, and sometimes it times out. I am wondering if anyone can suggest a fix to make it faster or more efficient. It takes 15-20 minutes just to open this thing to edit it... Attached is a screenshot of one block of the triggered action. This block is repeated about 400 times (one for each field. If you notice, the first field is: X2A1, and the second is X2A2 at the start of the second block on the bottom of the picture. Again, this is repeated for 400 fields. The way it works is detailed below... My G
  5. Why not just use the various Caspio Report datapages and deploy them to a site? You could build almost any .NET reports using the Caspio charts, tabular, or pivot table datapages. If you still need a different solution, you could use the Caspio API, but I really think you should explore the Caspio reports first.
  6. Hello, I have a Display Only Field that I am looking to hide if my Virtual2 field = 'Yes'. The rules do not allow to hide a display only field, and I cannot put it in its own section because I have necessary fields to the left and right of this display only field. Any ideas?
  7. Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to create a flag to alert the user if they enter data, but try to leave before hitting the Update button. I have multiple Details Datapages deployed on my website, and the user could theoretically navigate between pages, or exit out of the browser without pressing the update button. Is it possible to alert them to save if they entered data but did not hit the button before moving pages?
  8. Greetings, I have a script that works well to have a custom menu with 'Update' buttons. This means that any time they press one of the menu buttons, the data entry on the Details Datapage saves. Again this works great, but now I am looking for a way to have the current page show a different color than the rest of them. Does anyone know how to do this? My current script has one style for each button, but I am not sure how to get it so the current page is a different color. Below is my current script. <style type="text/css"> .cbUpdateButton{ background-color: #12b5ea;
  9. Please see my datapage: https://c1abv844.caspio.com/dp/91cf700006bdcab2be14446c8bce Is it possible to have a separate parameter for the chart than the tabular report in a combined chart and report? What I am trying to do, is only show the 'Total' category on the chart. This is the value in the series all the way on the right side of the chart. This is an actual value in the data, and not an aggregated field. I get I could do this using two datapages and just pass another parameter to the chart, but I was hoping not to waste another datapage just to accomplish this. Any ideas o
  10. Hello, It looks like your datapage is no longer deployed so I cannot see anything... You should be able to show these values on the chart if you create a calculated field in the tabular report with what you need. Based on what it looks like, you might need to use SQL in your calculated field to get the 3/5 year averages. When you get to your chart, you can select the new calculated field in the chart.
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