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  1. I have a link in a html block of each record on a table in a tabular report. However, I need to hide the a href link, or the whole html block, for the first and last record in the record set. Is there any way of doing this?
  2. Hi guys. New to Caspio over the last month. I have built out a fair few things, however have got stuck with tracking user logins. I followed the Js: Auto-Submit A Datapage instructions and the topic at However, after adding the code in the header, in the html block, and in the submission success html area, all I get is the animated processing. It never redirects. Browsers: Latest Chrome and latest IE. After mucking about some more I seem to have got it working by leaving the header code in, leaving the html block code in, but removing the submission success html code and setting destination to "Got to a new page". Is there any negative result of doing this, will it actually work as desired. So to highlight, I have not got the following code: <style type="text/css"> #processing{ display:none; } </style> Thanks for any advise, H
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