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  1. Hello, I have the need to search a directory of service providers. In the directory I have the lat/long of each provider in two fields (geo_lat, geo_long). I have another table that is "cities". In there, the center of each city is also coded with geo_lat and geo_long. I want to have a user be able to type in the name of a city and have it lookup the geo_lat and geo_long of that city and use them in a radius search of the service provider directory. I cannot use addresses or zip codes because we are a confidential hotline that does not collect that type of information for safety pu
  2. Good day, I have 3 tables (Directory, Interaction, Referrals). The Directory table is a list of resources and providers. Interaction is details about a specific interaction my team has with a caller. Referrals is a simple table that contains 3 fields (Directory_ID, Interaction_ID, Refer_Time) and is intended to track all of the times a specific entry in the Directory is referred to one of the callers from an interaction. In a single interaction we can refer anywhere from 0 to 10 resources and those resources can be referred to any number of different Interactions. I would like to bu
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