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  1. I have a variation on this problem that I am hoping someone might be willing to help me with. My situation is that I am using a calculated field int he search results of my tabular report. The calculated field selects information from several fields in the table and displays emergency medical information about a student. for example it might show "Allergy: Life-Threatening." As a result, the content is dynamic and because of the importance of the information I would like these entries to display in red on the search results page to alert our teachers of the medical concern. I have tried using a !== condition in my script so as to select all values that are not blank. But it's not working. I would be grateful to anyone who could offer a solution. Thank you! Here is the script that I am using. My coding experience is extremely limited. <div id="mydiv[@field:SD_StudentID]"> </div> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> if ("[@calcfield:1]" !== "XXX"){ document.getElementById("mydiv[@field:SD_StudentID]").innerHTML ="<span style='color:blue;'> [@calcfield:1] </span>"; } else{ document.getElementById("mydiv[@field:SD_StudentID]").innerHTML ="[@calcfield:1]"; } </SCRIPT>
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