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  1. Thank you!!!!! I had no idea about the Ajax loading. What does that do? It works now for my submission form. The code I copied was from my update form, so I am hoping it will work there with the EditRecord . Are there any other tricks am I missing to get Javascript to work? Thank you again
  2. Hello, I am just starting with Javascript, (I do program in other languages). I am trying to capture the situation where a user does not enter either a Primary or Secondary phone. This is on a Submission page. I inspected the items and it had EditRecordPrimaryPhone on the page .I also tried InsertRecord, but nothing works. It doesn't look like the page is running the Javascript at all, and I don't know how to debug it. I added a message that I hoped I would see either way to try to check that the Javascript was running. I put the code in the Footer. Are there ways of debugging? T
  3. I am trying to pass fields with special characters such as a Hash(#) over query string? I am new to Javascript, but I copied the Javascript from the answer below, and it works fine on the first link of the grid, but all the rest of the links have the parent URL and none of the data. It is building the parameters properly for the first link. I inspected the broken link and I found: Do I need a loop? or do I need to refer to the links I am trying to encode a different way than document.querySelector(`#${link_id}`).href = `${base_url}?${params.join("&")}` Is th
  4. I need to ask another question about this. I don't know Javascript, but my links are not working because I have # in my addresses (for Apt Numbers). Could you explain how I can escape # characters. I understand it's %23 and that I have to use encodeURIComponent(). This is my link <a href ="[@app:URL_2]?cid=[@field:ID]&fn=[@field:FirstName]&ln=[@field:LastName]&a1=[@field:Address1]&a2=[@field:Address2]&c=[@field:City]&z=[@field:ZipPostalCode]&p1=@field:PrimaryPhone]&p2=[@field:SecondaryPhone]&da1=[@field:Address1]&da2=[@field:Addr
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