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  1. Is there a way on how to implement the distinct count for values in pivot datapage just like in Excel? I can't find it as option.
  2. Hi @Hastur It worked! Since it is already considered as string (nvarchar), format is retained after export. I appreciate your help.
  3. Is there a way to retain the original format of timestamp date when exported? In the table the format is mm/dd/yyyy but when data is exported it changes to m/d/yyyy. This is the format in the table. While this is the format in the exported file. I need to have the same format(mm/dd/yyyy) for my exported file.
  4. I'm trying to go with the solution suggested by NiceDuck but I'm stuck in the Data selection part of Details Report. I cannot see the "Allow parameters in search criteria" option.
  5. Hi ray. I'm into the same boat on what you are thinking. I have 2 tables related to each other through a common field. What I want to do is to create a cascade dropdown base on table 2 after selecting a value on a dropdown list from the first table. Let's say I have client table and scenario table. When I select a certain client in the first dropdown based on the client table another dropdown list will be populated filtered based on the client in the scenario table. I can't make it work.
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