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  1. @Hastur Thank you so very much! It worked. I truly appreciate you taking the time to respond! Regards, Kevin
  2. First off, I am new here and appreciate any assistance. I have built an eight (8) step vendor registration situation that uses 8 DP and 8 different webpages. The data from each form goes into separate tables related to the information being collected (ie. core info, equipment, certifications, licenses, insurance, etc). I have no problems passing the User_ID to each page. That works perfect. However, some of the forms (such as Certifications and Licenses) could have multiple entries as a vendor can have multiples of each. One vendor could have 0, 1, 2 or 15 of each of these so one long DP is not the best option as it creates unnecessary fields and the ability to search on certain criteria individually is important for part of the implementation. I created a button to "Add Another" that reloads the page, but the record does not save when it is clicked. I was wondering if there is JS code that could submit the record and reload the form when pressed assuming the vendor needs to enter multiple certifications or licenses and maintain/reissue the external parameter for User_ID. I am a JS newbie beyond a doubt. Based on some research it seems possible but any assistance is greatly appreciated. I am including a screenshot of what I have done.
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