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  1. I'm very verbose in CSS. I'm wanting to know if each DataPage has some sort of unique ID or Class that I can reference in my theme (and that won't change)? I know I can create unique themes per DataPage. However, my hope is to have one theme and make a few small tweaks for individual pages. For instance, I see the following at the top of my DataPage HTML: <article class="ST9D135086691E4F12AD0A85D5CFBC37E3"> <div id="cbOuterAjaxCtnr_449048b41c7e79"> <div id="cbDataAjaxCtnr_449048b41c7e79"> <form method="post" id="caspioform" ...> <div style="display: table;"> <section data-cb-name="cbTable" id="cbTable_449048b41c7e79" class="cbFormSection_449048b41c7e79"> Are any of these ID / classes "static" for the DataPages where I could reference them in CCS? Something like: .ST9D135086691E4F12AD0A85D5CFBC37E3 span.cbFormData { text-decoration: underline; } Thanks!
  2. And now it is SUPER fast. Unsure why it was so slow for several days. Will report back if it returns.
  3. We have a DataPage that loads relatively quick (2-3 seconds) with the Preview link. But, if we use the link provided in Deploy, it is extremely slow to load (30-60 seconds). We do have 125ish fields and 15 rules (which basically hide sections based on checkboxes). However, why would the speeds be so different between Preview and Live? Thanks! Here is the URL so you can see how slow it is: https://c1abe792.caspio.com/dp/54bb7000b1133c88d50949eaba3b
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