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  1. Ah, worked out where I was going wrong - I'm just a bit rubbish at calculated fields. Thanks for your help NiceDuck!
  2. I understand the theory and have started to apply it. However, the formula doesn't seem to work. I have as follows: CASE WHEN [@Virtual9]='Paid' THEN "https://c1ace471.caspio.com/dp/00118000bee75c1ed6e84ba6b6c4" WHEN [@Virtual9]='Free' THEN (SELECT COUNT (Virtual10) WHERE DateDiff(month, date, SysDateTime())) = 0) < 10 THEN "https://c1ace471.caspio.com/dp/00118000bee75c1ed6e84ba6b6c4" ELSE "https://c1ace471.caspio.com/dp/0011800083f54cec70c44a2488f7" END The relevant fields are present, the pages are created, and I reference the virtual field in the destination. But nothing happens when I select submit (no error or anything, just stays on the submission form). I suspect it is the URLs. How should I be writing them to make the redirects work?
  3. I want to limit searching for non paying users. Non paying users would be able to search up to 10 times a month. Paying users would be able to search as many times as they liked. Is there a way to do this?
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