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  1. Ahhhhhhh, you are the man!!!!! thank you so much, you saved me so much headache.. THANK YOU FAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's sorted Umbi
  2. Hello Fae and many thanks for your reply. You are right I posted the wrong screenshot. Yes, indeed I do get the same as you vy connecting the two table through ProductID do but if you notice it says RELATIONSHIP TYPE INDETERMINATE. That should not happen, the two table should have a one to many relationship determined because, as per your link: An indeterminate relationship occurs when neither of the fields in a relationship is unique. In fact ProductID in Products is UNIQUE, so why does it display indeterminate?! Thanks! Umbie
  3. Hello, I have imported from an excel doc 2 tables, I am pretty sure for them it applies a one-to-many relatioship, but caspio does not recognize it... why is that?!?!? Attached you find the two tables, should you be willing enough to play with it. Thanks! Umbie SalesData_Caspio_2TABLES_ONLY.xlsx
  4. Hi, Silly question I know, but: what's the point in having a relationship between table if later you can always create a view, regardless the relationship you have set up? Thanks
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