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  1. I'm looking for a way to allow the end user to adjust Caspio App Parameters. :wacko:

    Can you help me come closer to a solution? :(

    Check my post here:


  2. Hi everyone, I'd like to allow the end user to adjust values defined in App Parameters. For example, I have an App Parameter for a base production cost of an item, this cost may change based on user input, and is used in field formulas, can I make this app parameter available in a DataPage for the end user to update? Thanks, Roger
  3. An update on my previous update on:

    • Securing front-end website pages which host Caspio Data Pages based on user authentication data residing in Caspio, and not only securing Caspio Data Pages themselves which is what I can achieve so far (critical, and still unresolved for me).
    • Update on securing front-end website pages: any front-end website page which has a Caspio datapage embedded within it, and that datapage is authenticated then loading that main website page while not logged in to the Caspio datapage can redirect the page, no part of the datapage appears (not even momentarily) on the loaded front end page. Yet any information included in the outer (non-datapage) html will be momentarily shown on load until the caspio authentication triggers the redirect, so that outer frame content has to be generic and treated as public.
    • New challenge: how to secure the outer-frame (non-caspio datapage) as well? This would somehow need to expose the caspio user session state to the website scope. No idea how to do that really.
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    2. RogerBerkley



      Thanks for your comment.

      1) The information outside the caspio datapages are the side and top navigation menus. These are all a Bootstrap dashboard site. Not everything can be added inside a Datapage.

      2) Bootstrap studio, hosted on the same, I can adjust the front end site with building blocks, HTML, CSS, and JS.

      3) I'm not using iFrames at all, only embeds.

      Is there any suggestion besides moving more of the site into datapages?



    3. Corpcatalog


      Hmm - why do your menus end nav need to be secure?  As long are embedded pages have security? 

      Otherwise create a landing page with no menus and a login redirect in caspio and embed the login form with the redirect to the landing page!




    4. RogerBerkley


      Hi Corpcatalog,

      Thanks. I think it is worth it to clarify the following:

      1. The menus and nav do not include private data, only app titles, navigation buttons,  and basic information. Yet they still need to be secured as they are part of the application.

      2. When a wider HTML page hosts an authenticated Caspio DataPage, and the HTML page is accessed without authentication via direct URL, then the page content appears momentarily on screen, this is until the authenticated data page redirect activates. With this content appearance, I was able to easily grab a screenshot of the page contents (not the Caspio DataPage contents though, as they do not appear on screen at all, which is good).

      Finally, this is not about the landing page, nor the registration/login pages, as these are public, and they do function similar to what you describe.

      Is it more clear what I'm trying to achieve?

  4. I've updated my profile with some things I like about Caspio and other things I wish were easier.

    Details Here

  5. Hi @Vitalikssssss, That helps a lot. Thank you Empbus K.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to create a Counter Card which is displayed in a dashboard. The counter card includes this type of data: How can I create a similar card using a Data Page? Note: the count number is the number of records in a table. Thank you, Empbus K.
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