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  1. Hi @CoopperBackpack Hope you are well. Here is the code that would let you to achieve the result. You should insert it in your HTML block. And I will explain the code below. Please be aware, that I used Virtual Field for this example with name "cbParamVirtual1" as a Calculated Value, since in Caspio virtual field has syntax [@cbParamVirtual1]. You can put there your own field name if needed instead of "cbParamVirtual1" <div class="message"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { document.qu
  2. Hi @aquintanilla Let me try to help you out. Lets say, you have a site and a page www.example.com/home_page.html on it. This page has a DataPage (Submission Form) that you have deployed. From here, we have two options to solve your task: 1) While making settings to your DataPage, the very last step will be "Web Form Wizard - Destination and Messaging". You will see "Same Page" in "Destination Options" field. Please open it and select Go to a DataPage. Then, you will be able to select the DataPage you need to open. 2) Lets say now, that you second page on
  3. Hello! @lbw27 It seems like that you should try to disable HTML editor in Datapage where you use the code. The main idea is to disable it. It is enabled by default for Header/Footer and HTML blocks, but for some HTML/CSS/JS code you should disable it to prevent from such behavior when code can not be perceived in a correct way. Before turning off HTML editor, I strongly recommend you to copy and paste the code that is already written somewhere. Because if you have your code written in HTML editor like this (using HTML editor) Once you disable HTML editor you will get
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