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  1. Hi May Music,

    I have 20 similar fields on a caspio form, which contain numbers (including decimal fractions). I need to carry out a multiplication and an addition (values for each are different in virtual fields on the same form) and then place the resulting values into an array and sort them according to their numerical value and then they need to be placed back into the original fields from highest to lowest. This process should occur every time the value of these 20 fields is changed. There should also be a trigger for the same action to take place if any of a number of "modifier"fields are  altered.


    I am afraid that I can not get close to getting this done. While I know VBA, i have no Java background. I would really appreciate any help and I appreciate your time and effort for reading this.

    Thank you,


    Nick Martin

  2. I am trying to have different URL's appear on a selection form, based on the value of a virtual field (text value, populated by a parameter). This is the code I was trying: <script> if (document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual1').value='1'){document.write('<a href="<a href="http://www.notexponent.com/DatabaseNM61272/SurgeryForm.html?ProcedureCodeClinicalUnits1=[@field:ProcedureCodeClinicalUnits]&IDProcedureCode1=[@field:ID]&ProcedureCodeDescription1=[@field:ProcedureCodeDescription]">Select</a>');} <script> Please help. Nick
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