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  1. Hi! Can I use a virtual in the " FIELDNAME"? Or does it has to be an actual field?
  2. Hi! Answering your questions: Where in the DataPage? Search Form or Details Page? - on the Details Page Is the checkbox an actual field or can it be a Virtual Field? - It is an actual field Is the checkbox ALWAYS unchecked first, with the fields editable, and once checked, all fields will be uneditable? - Yes, it is unchecked at first always with the fields editable and once checked all the fields must be undeditable Is the checkbox included in the uneditable fields? - Yes
  3. Hi! Is there a way to configure the data page in a report data page, that when the checkbox at the end is checked, then all the fields become no editable? I already tried with rules but its not working as I expected.
  4. Hi everyone! Is there a way to create a modal notification or popup message that will tel the user to dont forget to save their form after 30 minutes of opening the form?
  5. Hi, is there a way to add a "edit" button with javascript inside the reports detail page that will allow me to click on it, and my field will open so I can edit them?
  6. Hi John, thank you! This worked, but the issue is that I need another button that allows me to submit and redirect me to other page, this is because I need to have 2 buttons that depending on which is clicked it will submit the information and redirect me.
  7. Hi, I want to add a button on my submission data page that when I clic it, it submits the actual form and redirects me to another data page. I don't want to use the actual caspio submit button because I will use that to redirect to data page#1, and I want this new HTML button to redirect me to datapage #2.
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