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  1. Just wanted to add that we can change more than just this in Localization. We can also change the errors, warnings and other messages, button captions, timezones and more. I suggest going through this article and also play around Localizations itself to explore. Who knows, maybe there's something you didn't know you need to change and it could be done using Localizations https://howto.caspio.com/localizations/
  2. I believe you're trying to export the DataPage along with the data source and DATA. You can follow the steps provided above, but make sure for step 7 to choose "With Data". I can also suggest going through Caspio's how to article to learn more about it: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/exporting-data/ Hope this helps!
  3. Forgot to mention that you are planning to keep the Group ID hidden! Since there is no option to hide the cascading field, you can hide it by using HTML blocks and other options here: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/how-to-hide-fields-in-datapages/
  4. Hai there! Since you are using a look-up table, maybe a cascading form element will work for you? I tried to create a DataPage based on the information you provided. This will also work even if you update or add new KeyCode-GroupIDs. You can learn more about cascading elements here -> https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/datapage-components/cascading-elements/ I hope this helps!
  5. Happy to know it helps! You can try changing the colors using this input.SimpleButton { }
  6. Hi @LoveCaspio Not sure if this will be helpful to you, but I hope it gives you an idea on how you can change the look of your System Messages ♥
  7. Hi all! Just wanted to share this recent discovery of mine. I wanted to change the button colors of my pop-up screen when I use inline delete on my Tabular Report DataPage. I used this CSS code inside my Configure Results Page screen <style type="text/css"> #Alert .ButtonsCtnr input.ActionButton { background: #9932CC !important; } </style> I was able to find the while exploring using developer tools in chrome. Once you click that little button on the left, you can select which element on your page you want to look at. It will then show you where you can find the eleme
  8. Additionally, I just want to add that Triggered Action is such a great feature and you can do so much with it! I suggest going through these documentations to know more about this feature: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/triggered-actions/
  9. Hi @Johan You can choose to fire the trigger both on update and insert. You just have to make sure you select both of them here: Also, for it to not update the previous record, please choose #inserted instead of the table itself The #inserted table represents data that is being inserted or updated in the table. I hope this helps!
  10. Thank you @princezuko! I didn't know that one Also, I just want to add this documentation here. It helped he understand more about importing Data to Caspio: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/importing-data/
  11. Hi @eglider86 To help you get started with changing how your DataPages look, I suggest going through these links as this helped me out big time as well. https://howto.caspio.com/styles/ https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/tech-tip-5-ways-to-customize-the-look-of-your-datapages/ For other customizations that will require custom coding, I suggest searching through forum posts as there are a loooot of helpful posts. Hope this helps!
  12. Hi! Just wanted to provide this article where I learned how to pass parameters when using redirection links. I hope this helps! https://howto.caspio.com/parameters/parameters-as-query-string-values/
  13. Hi guys! If you are still looking on how you can change the look of your checkboxes, you need to use custom coding. Here's a forum post that talks about changing a checkbox to a toggle button.
  14. Hi! If any of you guys want to style your checkbox like a toggle switch, you can check this forum post:
  15. Hi @Mikey Not sure what type of toggle switch you are referring to, but I recently turned one of my checkbox field to this I used this article as a guide: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_css_switch.asp Here's the CSS code I inserted inside my Header. You'll have to change every "InsertRecordCheckbox1" to InsertRecord + field name <style> /* Toggle Button */ input[name="InsertRecordCheckbox1"]{ -webkit-appearance: none; -webkit-tap-highlight-color: transparent; position: relative; border: 0; outline: 0; cursor: pointer; margin: 10px; } /* To create surface
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