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  1. Hi @jozzy79! Maybe you can try a multi-step form instead? The first form would be the general information such as name email etc, then the second page  would have the payment details. That way, you make sure you get the email no matter what.


    Not sure if this will be applicable with your workflow, but I hope it gives you an idea.

    - LOEY

  2. Hi @Mahmood that is such a nice idea! I'm thinking you'll need a lot of calculations for that. Hopefully these helps and give you an idea on how you can start ;)





    I'm really excited for you to develop the app you have in mind. 

    All the best of luck!


  3. Hello there @niamul21!  You can treat this community forum like your teammates' group chat ;) As the comments above mentioned, you can get help with so much things and the great thing is, people share ways to achieve certain things that might be hard to accomplish alone when you first start using Caspio! I particularly get a loooot of help when it comes to customizations and calculations here. Everyone is indeed nice and very helpful. I hope you enjoy your stay!


    - ʟᴏᴇʏ

  4. Hi there @myName after checking Caspio's list of error messages, it seems that error code 62504  is caused by this:


    Failed security check. DataPage cannot be rendered from this account type.

    This error occurs when you store users’ passwords in a Text (255) field in a user table.

    Due to data security restriction, passwords must be stored in a Password data type field.



    You may want to check your table.. 

    I hope this helps!

  5. Hiya there!! I'm sure this one is deeefinitely not the best way to achieve this, but here's how I add my two text fields with a dollar sign


    '$' + CONVERT(VARCHAR, CONVERT(FLOAT, IsNull(STUFF([@field:Text1],1,1,''), 0)) + CONVERT(FLOAT, IsNull(STUFF([@field:Text2],1,1,''), 0)))

    I remove the first character, set the DEFAULT value to 0 when it is null, convert them to number, add them, then convert them to text again since I want the result to have a dollar sign too ^_^ 

    Hope this helps!

  6. Hey there @imJihyo!

    Maybe you can use a calculated field to check if the code is valid OR existing inside your code table, then use JavaScript to prevent the submission? 

    I created one DataPage for creating payment confirmation codes. This one makes you enter the name of the customer then it generates a random ID as the code:


    Then, for the form that the users will fill out, I used a combination of calculations and JavaScript. 

    Here's the calculation (you can use a virtual field, set the form element to calculated value, then use the solutions here to hide the field):


    - change PaymentCode inside count and beside WHERE to the field name of your code inside your code table

    - change CodeTbl to the name of your table that contains the code

    - PaymentCode inside [@field.PaymentCode] to the field name of where your users will enter the code for validation

    WHEN (SELECT COUNT(PaymentCode) FROM CodeTbl WHERE PaymentCode = target.[@field:PaymentCode]) = 1
    THEN 1
    ELSE 2

    And here's the JavaScript:


    - change elements accordingly if needed

    <script type="text/javascript">
    document.addEventListener('BeforeFormSubmit', function(event) {
    var Input1 = document.querySelector("span[id^='cbParamVirtual1']").innerHTML;
         if (Input1 == 2) {
    alert('Please Enter a Valid Payment Code!');
    } else {


    This is then what it looks like when they enter a non existing/not valid code:


    When the entered code is valid, it should successfully submit.


    I hope this helps!!!


  7. Hey there @RossChevalier :)

    List data types are designed to accept multiple values. A user Can select just one option, but they Can also choose more than one. Not sure if any script will work for enforcing the field to just accept one choice. You can learn more about that data type here.

    Depending on your workflow and why you needed to use a list data type, an alternative I can suggest is to use a text 255 data type for these fields instead. It's kinda ideal since if you use it in a submission form, set the form element to a dropdown, it will only accept one value. Plus, since you mentioned you have a table where the choices are coming from, you can use this as a lookup table or table where you will be getting the choices from for your dropdown.


    Good thing is, when you use a text data type, you can now use it as a parent field for cascading form elements whereas list data types cannot be used as parent fields for this. This will be useful for your second question where the DeptName will be automatically pulled up based on the Department Number.  You can check this sample DataPage I created for you ->  https://c2abn197.caspio.com/dp/adf58000bdb28da708494616b1c6

    Now for your first question where you can see both the Department number and name, I do not think that's possible as of now. Maybe some type of script too. But if you want a more standard approach, you can choose to show the department name as the display values, but still save the department number of that record. 



    I hope this somehow gives you an idea :)

  8. I believe you're trying to export the DataPage along with the data source and DATA. You can follow the steps provided above, but make sure for step 7 to choose "With Data".

    I can also suggest going through Caspio's how to article to learn more about it: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/exporting-data/

    On 1/31/2019 at 4:56 PM, HampasLOUpa said:

    How can I export a DataPage with all the table/view and data connected to it?

    Hope this helps! B)

  9. Hi all! Just wanted to share this recent discovery of mine. I wanted to change the button colors of my pop-up screen when I use inline delete on my Tabular Report DataPage. I used this CSS code inside my Configure Results Page screen

    <style type="text/css">
    #Alert .ButtonsCtnr input.ActionButton {
    background: #9932CC !important;

    I was able to find the  while exploring using developer tools in chrome.

    Once you click that little button on the left, you can select which element on your page you want to look at. It will then show you where you can find the element in the source code. If you look at the left, that's all the Styles/CSS code used for the element. I just played around and used this class

    #Alert .ButtonsCtnr input.ActionButton

    then it proceed with stating what changes I want to apply and that's it.


    Here's the link to my DataPage: https://c2abn197.caspio.com/dp/adf5800036a7f28c857245d08db4

    I think my explanation is a little confusing, but I hope it helps! I also struggle with finding what is the right class to use when I want to apply some CSS, but playing around and trying eventually works :D

  10. Hi @Johan :) You can choose to fire the trigger both on update and insert. You just have to make sure you select both of them here: image.png.1754dde13fb653f373a805faa9f1622d.png

    Also, for it to not update the previous record, please choose #inserted instead of the table itself ;) The #inserted table represents data that is being inserted or updated in the table. 

    I hope this helps! 

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