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  1. Hi! What you can do is I created one rule per value to hide sections and one to require fields. I am not sure if there is an easier way to do this, but I think it works fine. You can check the sample DataPage here. To achieve this, I created a total of 10 rules since I am using 5 values that I will refer to. In this screenshot, if my field is not equal to Opened, I will hide section 2, which is the only section that I want to show up if the field IS EQUAL TO Opened. Treat it as a reverse way. Instead of setting the criteria to IF FIELD is not equal to THIS VALUE, THEN SHOW THIS SECTI
  2. Hi! I was trying out rules as well and encountered problems. This article was very helpful as it states Caspio rules' action limitation and other information such as frequently asked questions we users might experience. https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/forms/conditional-forms/ In my case, a same field or section is already used in another Action that's why I wasn't able to use the field. I hope this helps!
  3. Hi @imJihyo! I am also a newbie when it comes to calculations and formulas, but I got curious when I saw your post so I tried it out. I was thinking, what if I don't want to use the actual value of Pi inside the calculation (I wanted to use the symbol itself) and also what if I want to use different powers (n raised to 3, to 4 etc.) Here's what I came up with: Pi()*(Power([@field:Radius], 2)) It actually does the same thing as your calculation, but it uses Caspio functions Pi() and Power(field, n). You can learn more about other functions on their HowTo article. I find it very help
  4. Hi everyone, just wanted to add these links too. It helped me a lot when I was just getting started with tasks. https://howto.caspio.com/tasks/ And since Application tasks and Triggers are somewhat similar, these were helpful too. https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/triggered-actions/ https://www.caspio.com/webinars/introduction-to-triggered-actions/
  5. I'm not really sure about what you are trying to achieve here, but I hope this video helps. It shows how you can use Tasks and Triggered Actions to automate workflows. https://youtu.be/v9SDmaHuSr4
  6. Just wanted to share this as well. Just in case you want to use an email inside your table as the recipient, you can create mail to links as well. The good news is, this time you can do it using standard features. No need to add codes. What you need to do is just change the render value as to email link and that's it!
  7. Hi @imJihyo It is indeed very simple, but it's totally fine! With Caspio's many features, we often miss out some and overlook them. If you don't want to use CSS, you can click this icon and it should make the editing screen bigger and also show other settings available, alignment, creating tables etc.
  8. Additionally, after reading a couple of articles about this, they suggest adding opacity: 1; because the opacity of a placeholder in Firefox is lower. I hope this helps.
  9. Hello @imJihyo, I tried to recreate this on my end and for some reason, changing in the Styles or using a CSS code on the Header, but I tried to use this code. I tried to apply it both on the User-Defined Style section inside Styles and also on the Header section of the DataPage. (If you will be using this on the Styles) ::placeholder { color: #a97bc7 !important; } (If you will be using this on the DataPage Header) <style> ::placeholder { color: #a97bc7; } </style>
  10. You can use this one if you want to add a subject and body: <a href="mailto:[@field:RecordTextEmail]?subject=Mail from Caspio DataPage&body=Here is an email coming from my Caspio DataPage">Send an email now</a> I used that code here: https://c2abn197.caspio.com/dp/adf580006874c633dd9546e2acf3 Also, what I experienced is, since I don't have a default mailing app, upon clicking, it shows all mailing app I have that is available. However, when I set one app as my default mailing app, it opens on that.
  11. Hi @imJihyo Here’s what I’m using for my Report DataPage <a href="mailto:[@field:RecordTextEmail]">Send an email now</a> I tried using this in an HTML Block and Footer and it both works. Just make sure to change [@field:RecordTextEmail] to the field you want to use. I suggest using the field picker since it is easier. Here’s the link to my Test DataPage as well for you to see: https://c2abn197.caspio.com/dp/adf580003e27c8c147304009bce8 I hope this helps!
  12. Hi @Tyler Assuming you have an authentication, you can do the following: For Inline edits, you can add the field that will receive the ID of the user that updated the record and apply this configuration. Go the Editing Tab, set the Form Element to Hidden, then choose Authentication Fields for the On load, receive. You can then choose what field from the authentication you want to get, in this case, the User ID. For the details view, it's pretty much the same. I hope this helps!
  13. Hi @roattw, You are getting this error because you are trying to enable two Triggered Actions that runs on insert. As per https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/triggered-actions/ You will need to put it in one Triggered action since it also run during insert. I hope this helps!
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