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  1. Hi all, Is anyone able to please explain how Table Variables can be used in Triggered Actions, ideally with screenshots of how they are set and used? I have a Triggered Action where I am currently creating & setting (via select) a large number of individual variables and I believe that a Table Variable would allow me to do this once. I have not been able to find any useful Caspio documents on Table Variables and have just been on a very frustrating chat with support who confirmed that there is no documentation/instructions on the functionality. The only mention I can find of
  2. Caspio have confirmed via online chat that aggregates/totals in GridEdit datapages is not possible. It really is disappointing that the GridEdit form lacks basic features and seems to have a number of bugs especially when you contrast the GridEdit datapage that application users experience against the Caspio Bridge grid edit form used to maintain/design tables. The Bridge grid edit form has a slick interface and operates as expected. The application datapage however changes column widths, has missing functionality and you have to click somewhere else on the record to force the changes to upda
  3. Hi all, I need a total, based on the number of records which have the "Selected" checkbox set to true/checked. The calculated value will be displayed in the header of the form which is only shown to the user in GridEdit mode. At the moment the total is static so when the user checks/unchecks the value in the "Selected" column then the total is not changing. I have created three calculated fields to try and solve the issue but have a number of problems as follows: ChkSelected field - this is a SQL query to count the number of records which have "Selected" checked. Total value is
  4. @kgraham2121 One possible solution is to do the following... Create a StockCountMaster table (holds a record for each time the physical count is performed) - simple table & only needs a date field as a minimum Create a StockCountDetail table (holds a record for each item in the Materials List) - holds link to StockCountMaster + Material List item + Physical Count (will be set to 0) Create a basic Submit Form datapage to add a new record to the StockCountMaster table e.g. for a Physical Stock Count for 14th of January Create a Triggered Action on the StockCountM
  5. Thanks for your response @NiceDuck I have managed to resolve the issue by creating triggered actions. I was trying to see if there were any other ways to do it without triggered actions (e.g. MS-Access automatically creates the records from the query) as I needed to create a number of them depending on the circumstances. Regards, Craig
  6. I have been able to turn off the "Grid Edit/Exit Grid Edit" link using the script below... Notes This only works because of the current grid edit behaviour where the form opens in the list view first otherwise the class name changes when you click the "Grid Edit" link. You need to use the Class Name per the initial form load before entering Grid Edit. On opening my datapage in list view, I established (using <F12> in Google Chrome) that the Class Name was 'cbResultSetActions....' (full name in script below) so check the Class Name of the item in your own form and update th
  7. Hi @kgraham2121 I'm no Caspio expert but have you tried using a tabular report with Grid Edit enabled? I've been looking at these myself and they will allow capture in a spreadsheet type format but I have experience a number of shortcomings with the grid edit view... 1. The datapage does not automatically open in grid edit mode and the user currently has to manually click the "grid edit" hyperlink in top left corner 2. Formatting the grid edit view can be tricky as column widths reset on reopening 3. You cannot use grouping and groups will change to columns as Caspio is exp
  8. Hi, I need a tabular report datapage to open in Grid Edit mode on the initial load/rendering of the datapage as the users will be working with a lot of yes/no fields via checkboxes. I thought that only ticking "grid edit" on the datapage setup would achieve this but the list view is used by default and no edits are possible in this mode. Checkboxes also show as values yes/no instead of an actual checkbox. In-line edit means multiple clicks when the user just needs to select/deselect a number of checkboxes. I have been able to force my datapage to switch from in-line to grid edit mode
  9. Hi @Vitalikssssss Your solution works brilliantly. Thank you very much! Regards, Craig
  10. Hi @Vitalikssssss, Thank you very much for taking the time to provide your response. I will work through it and incorporate into my app. Will update once I've completed it. Regards, Craig
  11. All, I have now done the following to resolve the issue: 1. When a Player is added to a Team then a triggered action now fires to create an Availability record for each existing Game in the team 2. When a Player is removed from a Team then a triggered action now fires to delete the Availability records for every Game in the team If both triggered actions are not used then you have problems if the same player rejoins the team at a later stage which may happen. I will also need to create additional triggered actions to fire when... a. a new Game is added so that an
  12. Hi NiceDuck, I don't have the data yet. I have an existing table and I need to insert/create the data in the table and then display it in that view/pattern so that the user can set the checkbox to yes/no. My screenshots were from MS-Access and you don't need to (i) create the data records and (ii) display them for edit as Access automatically creates the data records as you use the checkbox in the query/view. I was Caspio would do something similar but can't find a way to do it. I think I am going to need a Triggered Action to create data entries in the table when certain
  13. I have 4 tables which are Players, Teams, Games & Availability. Players can belong to more than 1 Team and a Team can have multiple Games. I also have a "link" table for Teams/Players to record which Players are part of which Teams. I've attached a diagram with basic tables and the relationships. I would like the Player (user) to see a list of ALL games for the that Teams they belong to and then be able to mark if they are available for the game by ticking a checkbox. Clicking "yes" would insert a record into the Availability table (if it doesn't already exist). I've attached a diagr
  14. Thanks Vitalikssssss. I unfortunately cannot access the original posters site to see the suggested AJAX script in context or see how the full solution is deployed in the HTML block. Regards, Craig
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