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  1. @Vitalikssssss I got you code to work! Thank you. I am now just curious about also getting the extension
  2. You are absolutely awesome! This is my first time using the community forum and I am so appreciative for the help! You all are so awesome! One last question, if I wanted to also get the file extension stored in a cell, like .txt or .pdf how would I do that? would I do: const fileSizeInput = document.querySelector(`#${event.target.name}_size`); fileSizeInput.value = event.target.files[0].size; --and add below-- const fileExtensionInput = document.querySelector(`#${event.target.name}_extension`); fileExtensionInput.value = event.target.files[0].extension (or whatever the appr. termonology is?;
  3. What if you wanted to get the file size for multiple files and store those in separate fields. IE File1--> Filesize1 and File2--> Filesize2
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