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  1. Hi folks, can anybody tell me how it can be made possible to load several submission forms into one datapage based on a quantity selected on a previous datapage? So if somebody selects 2 as the quantity, then the next datapage submission form has the option to add multiple persons details. Thank you.
  2. Hi folks, Unfortunately Caspio standard payment options do not work in our country. So we need to integrate our own, the PHP script is done and correct. The problem we are having is with Caspio:- Caspio wont open a url from a button in a HTML block in the same tab, it needs to open it as a new tab. A new tab cannot communicate with Caspio environment. So while we can get to a new page, we cannot be directed from the HTML block to a page on the same tab. That is what is required to communicate the payment communications from the payment service provider. Does anybody have any clue what we can do wrong or experience with a payment gateway integration?
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