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  1. Hello community, I have a datapage with a calculated field displaying the DOW based on a date entered by the user using this formula: SELECT DATENAME(dw,[@field:FIELD_NAME]) This works fine. However, I also have 7 Yes/No boxes labeled the DOW i.e. Mon, Tue. Wed.... I'm trying to figure out how to automatically check the appropriate DOW yes/no box to coincide with the DOW being displayed in the calculated field. I also need to change the particular yes/no field to be YES as well as disabled. If the user changes the date and the calculated field then updates with a new DOW then I would need the original yes/no box to become enabled again and the yes state be turned to no and then the new DOW yes/no box disabled and populated. I have tried to accomplish this through Rules but I cannot actually change the yes/no box state from no to yes and vice/versa through the rule. I know that I can accomplish this through a Trigger but I need this update to visually happen while the user is navigating the form. I'm guessing this has to be done through JavaScript but I am stumped. Any help greatly appreciated! Doug
  2. LittleMsGinger That looks exactly like what I am looking for! Thank you!
  3. So I have a basic 3 field table with one of the fields being Day of Week. The Day of Week field is a static populated drop down with "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday".... etc, My users can create multiple entries within this table using the same Day of Week. I'm trying to figure out how I can forcibly sort the Day Of Week column to always display the Days of Week in sequence; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday etc. But I need each instance of the DOW, to be sequential. Example being the following 5 rows... Sunday 'tttt' Monday 'xxxx; Monday 'yyyy' Tuesday 'uuuu' Wednesday 'rrrr' When my use enters a new row with DOW of Sunday, I need that new row to be listed directly below the existing Sunday row and not alphabetized which would place it right before Tuesday. Any ideas? I hope this made sense. Thanks
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