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  1. So Caspio Tech Support assisted me with this error of the 3rd party cookies message displaying on most pages. As it turned out, in my case at least, it was the modification of the text itself within the Styles page that was causing this error to appear. When I reset the customized text back to default from within the Style sheet, the error no longer appears. It's a bit frustrating as we really need to be able to customize this text and provide a link that takes the user to our instructions instead of the very generic and confusing webpage from Caspio that the default link provides. Anyway, just wanted to update this thread. Thanks! Doug
  2. Thank you SinJunYoung. I have made those changes to the system error message redirecting users to a specific website. Doug
  3. Thank you Jihyo. I have indeed submitted this to Caspio tech support.
  4. I've been working on this app for several months now and have never had an issue with this - the warning about enabling 3rd party cookies is now appearing at the top of every data page. BUT - only when I execute a search from a dropdown or text box. If I just go from datapage to datapage the warning does not appear. But as soon as I drop down a list and select another employee, in on instance, the search completes but the warning appears at the top of the page. Then if I click to go to a different module the warning does not appear on that next datapage. I have ensured multiple times that all browsers are accepting 3rd party cookies. I'll also mention that this happens on all three computers in my office. BTW, all authentications are working as usual and I have double-checked to ensure cross-app logins are enabled.\ Any ideas? THANK YOU Doug
  5. Hello community, I have a datapage with a calculated field displaying the DOW based on a date entered by the user using this formula: SELECT DATENAME(dw,[@field:FIELD_NAME]) This works fine. However, I also have 7 Yes/No boxes labeled the DOW i.e. Mon, Tue. Wed.... I'm trying to figure out how to automatically check the appropriate DOW yes/no box to coincide with the DOW being displayed in the calculated field. I also need to change the particular yes/no field to be YES as well as disabled. If the user changes the date and the calculated field then updates with a new DOW then I would need the original yes/no box to become enabled again and the yes state be turned to no and then the new DOW yes/no box disabled and populated. I have tried to accomplish this through Rules but I cannot actually change the yes/no box state from no to yes and vice/versa through the rule. I know that I can accomplish this through a Trigger but I need this update to visually happen while the user is navigating the form. I'm guessing this has to be done through JavaScript but I am stumped. Any help greatly appreciated! Doug
  6. LittleMsGinger That looks exactly like what I am looking for! Thank you!
  7. So I have a basic 3 field table with one of the fields being Day of Week. The Day of Week field is a static populated drop down with "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday".... etc, My users can create multiple entries within this table using the same Day of Week. I'm trying to figure out how I can forcibly sort the Day Of Week column to always display the Days of Week in sequence; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday etc. But I need each instance of the DOW, to be sequential. Example being the following 5 rows... Sunday 'tttt' Monday 'xxxx; Monday 'yyyy' Tuesday 'uuuu' Wednesday 'rrrr' When my use enters a new row with DOW of Sunday, I need that new row to be listed directly below the existing Sunday row and not alphabetized which would place it right before Tuesday. Any ideas? I hope this made sense. Thanks
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