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  1. Mollie

    good site

    What features do you think a good site should have? And is its cms dedicated or is it better to use WordPress?
  2. Hi; I have an array and I want to do an operation on it. Let me explain with an example: Suppose we have the following array (the length of the array may be any number) [1,2,3,4] If I select any of the array cells, I want the subsequent cells to be removed from the array. For example, if cell 3 is selected, cell 4 is removed from the array, or if cell 2 is selected, cells 3 and 4 are deleted. Thank you for your help.
  3. I designed a site, I wanted to set it so that it would show correctly with the phone. Of course, I made some settings, but it still does not show correctly. What can I do? You can visit https://aloinstagram.com/ to see the site.
  4. What are the features of the new version of Caspio? Please give me a summary of Caspio new features.
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