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  1. Thanks, that was the problem. That's embarrassing. I figured it was something simple. Oh well, I always learn most through the mistakes. Now, I know to look for the descriptor after the "Search and Report Wizard." I'm sorry to bother you.
  2. Alison, thank you for the response. I'm using a report datapage type. I have attached a screenshot of the dropdown options on the parameter picker.
  3. I've been following along with introductory tutorials, but I've hit a snag with the "Advanced Training with Caspio - Database Relationships and Passing Parameters" training video from 2017. In the video when the "Parameters Picker" is selected, it shows options from "Data Source Fields" and "Authentication Fields." However, when replicate the process on my account, I only see the options from the "Authentication Fields." What do I need to do to enable the other options to the dropdown list on the Parameters Picker?
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