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  1. Thanks for the info! really helps Sam
  2. Is Weebly the only web platform that can handle caspio forms other than WordPress? I am finding that Caspio is not compatible with Wix, GoDaddy, Google or any other web page server I can find. I am able to post a single page, but cannot pass parameters on anything but Weebly. Also, am I correct that there is no phone number formatting within Caspio? Such as (999) 999-9999 ? Seems odd. Is this industry standard since foreign phone numbers can have a variable number of digits? Thanks for the clarification. Sam
  3. I need to add a new record to a table when a user clicks a checkbox on a DataPage. What is the best way to do this? A table trigger does not seem to fit this use case because it's only when a box is checked in one table that I need the record added to another table, and only if it's a new click and the record doesn't already exist in the second table. Thanks, Sam
  4. Sam23

    parameter scope

    okay, if my url is something like: https://urlstring?cid=[@K2_ContactID]&aid=[@authorID]&cbResetParam=1 then this will pass the two parameters to the next page and then extinguish them? Thanks, Sam
  5. Sam23

    parameter scope

    I am passing parameters in URLs and find I need to explicitly reset or extinguish them or I get erratic behavior of some of my forms. How do I do that? Thanks, Sam
  6. Thanks, all! The last answer by GoodBoy was what I needed. I was already using RLS to limit records to a particular group using the app, but then needed to further refine the privileges within that group to those who could view only vs edit, etc. The answer is simple: put an authorization level in the user table and use a virtual field to capture that role or level and show or hide what I need to from there. Thanks, Sam
  7. When a user logs into the app, is is possible to capture the user role if that data is in the users table? Thanks, Sam
  8. Thanks, but the issue is that I have a static value I want to pass, not a field value. I want a button that goes to a specific page and does not vary according to what record I am in. It should be a simple matter of typing in that static value in the URL, but so far I've tried no quotes, single quotes, double quotes. Nothing works.
  9. I need to pass a static literal value in my URL - a link that passes in a specific ID each time. What is the syntax for that : ?tid= if the parameter being passed is "tid"? I have tried single quotes, double quotes, brackets. So far nothing works. When I look at the URL being passed, additional symbols such as %20 have been added to the front of the literal value I am trying to pass. Thanks for the help, Sam
  10. Thanks all for the clarification. I am still getting familiar with Caspio and learning that when I stay within their expected boundaries, everything I need is there. When something isn't available, that's a clue that I am trying to do something the element wasn't designed for, ie not best practice. Thanks for your patience Sam
  11. Thanks, TellMe - Do you mean undo the table relationship and see if that helps? If the syntax above is correct, the issue must be something in the tables themselves. I may make some new tables and start over. Thanks, Sam
  12. Here is the triggered action. When I insert a record into the Contact table, I want to insert a record into the Users table taking the ContactID (primary key of the Contact table) and putting that in the User1 table as a foreign key.
  13. I am a newbie trying to write my first triggered action. I have watched several tutorials and my trigger code validates and saves, but there is no action in the tables. I am trying to insert a record into table 2 when a record is inserted into table1. Simple enough. What are suggestions for trouble shooting the trigger? I have validated that the tables relationship is there, that I am using the inserted data (not the table name). My trigger looks identical to examples in this forum and on Caspio videos. Thanks for suggestions Sam
  14. Very simple newbie question: I have a header url link sending the user to another form. I need to save the edit on the current DataPage before moving. I just need the syntax or method to save and then move and don't know where to find this info. Thanks Sam
  15. I need to use a virtual field to capture user input in a search report, but virtual field is not available. Why are virtual fields not consistently available? Anyway to resolve this?
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