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  1. Very simple newbie question: I have a header url link sending the user to another form. I need to save the edit on the current DataPage before moving. I just need the syntax or method to save and then move and don't know where to find this info. Thanks Sam
  2. I need to use a virtual field to capture user input in a search report, but virtual field is not available. Why are virtual fields not consistently available? Anyway to resolve this?
  3. From my administrator form, I would like to pass in the correct value of a security restriction on a dropdown box. In other words, I have a user group that should see only certain values in the dropdown, but I am logged in as administrator, so I don't want the restriction to be according my credentials, but rather the user's credentials. I would like to pass in the value to match in the dropdown table. Is this possible?
  4. I have a search report and would like to have the option to either pass in a search value, or if none is submitted, let the user enter the search value. Is this possible? It seems like I would need to duplicate datapages if that functionality is not available. I would like to see the same datapage, sometimes coming from another datapage and passing in a value, other times not coming from elsewhere and the user enters the search value. Do I need two datapages to accomplish this? Thanks, Sam
  5. In the datapage search report where I pass in the value of the search parameter, is there any way to pass in two values - ie I'd like to see records with parameter value a or b? How is this usually handled? Thanks so much, Sam
  6. Sandy: great! That's what I need. Going to try it now. Thanks, Sam
  7. I need to filter the choices in a dropdown list, but rather than basing that on a user input in a parent field selection, I would like to pass in a parameter to filter the dropdown list. The functionality is exactly what Caspio provides with the cascading dropdown or cascading text field routine, but I need to pass the value rather than have the user input something. Is this possible? Thanks for the help.
  8. Sam23

    datapage security

    Thanks! Appreciate the help. That did it.
  9. Sam23

    datapage security

    simple newbie question: I have a login page for users, but do not want them to have to login each time they move to the next data page once inside the app. Should I pass the UserID and password to the next page for authentication or leave the rest of the pages in the app without authentication? If the latter, there is a security risk if someone has a link to a page other than the login page. But I don't want users to be re-entering credentials every time they move around. How is this normally handled? Thanks so much. I am sure this is covered somewhere, so just point me to the link.
  10. Sam23

    Dropdown field

    Ginger: another quickie: I am trying to add a student to a class using a search report. I select the student and then the class. The class is a dropdown displaying the class name. When I then open the table, the new data in the "ClassID" field is the name of the class, not the classID. I have a relationship set where the datapage display is the name of the class rather than the classID. If I remove that , then the the classID (RandomID) shows up in the list which is not desirable, but at least I can add a new record to the table. This seems odd to be so much trouble for something that i
  11. Sam23

    Dropdown field

    Ginger: Thanks so much! That worked Sam
  12. Sam23

    Dropdown field

    Very basic question for a newbie: I am trying to put students in a class. I have a table of students with first name, last name and DisplayName which is a formula combining the two names. I have another table of classes, and a 3rd many-to-many table of students in classes. My source for the search report is the many-to-many table. I search for a class and get a list of students already listed in the class and then add others. The dropdown of student names in the results data does not give me the option of displayname, only first or last name. How do I correct that? Als
  13. This is a beginner question: I would like to pass a parameter into a tabular search report. In other words, I need to search, but I also want to restrict that search according to the parameter passed in. Is there a way to do this? Thanks, Sam
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