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  1. Hello @TroubleShooter, How Can I adapt this snippet you shared, to get it to show the Record Action buttons column, in the first column instead of the last as it always is. Thanks in advance
  2. In case anyone is interested, I solved it with the following solution provided by Support Portal: <style> section[class^="cbFormSection"] { display: none !important; } </style> in my html page. Regards
  3. How can I hide the Search Form section of a Tabular report, without hiding the Table report itself?I tried this out in my own html file:<style>#caspioform {display: none;}</style>But it hides the whole datapage. I need to hide only the Search Form section.And I need to do it only in my .html file, not the datapage ( I mean I can't do this on the footer o header). Also I can't generate a new datapage right now. I need to solve it via html, as long as it is possible.Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you very much @LittleMsGinger, Thank you very much. I will try this once I upgrade to a new plan, I can't spare many datapages at the moment, but it looks like what I need.
  5. I have a datapage in which I show Invoices, credit / debit notes and payments. The search field that represents those is a single field with 4 different criterias, each one is a checkbox. Here is what i would like to achieve: I would very much appreciate if someone can provide a code that I could try out. Thanks in advance.
  6. Yesss! Now it works. I tried many times, and I am a bit lost, but I think that it works best if it is in a html block, anyway after trying many times now I don't really know, so I left if both in the html block and the html footer. (such a rookie thing to do, but l will clean it later ). It works nice, but it does something funny: on first load, on the first page you don't see the color, if you go to the second page, you see the color and if you go back to page one now you see it. It would be nice to fix that bit, but so far it looks great. Thank you very ver
  7. Hi Vitalikssssss, again thank you so much, I tried with td:nth-child(15) and some other more, 14, 16, 17. I checked if I could find any syntax mistake also, but it does not work for me. Is there anything else that I can show you to help me target the issue? here is my datapage: https://c0hbt141.caspio.com/dp/854b80004fdf5d094c6b4217bcb3
  8. Thank you very much Vitaliksssss, it is not working for me, maybe it is because i have grouping levels? I tried several several column numbers in "nth-child( )", but if I am not wrong it is column number 14. here is a screenshot of my datapage, maybe I am doing something wrong, or you can give another idea
  9. Hello DefinitelyNot.... (or anyone that might help =) ) I have used this code you provided, and I see it working Can you explain how to adapt it so that instead of changing the row it can change only the cell? In my case I need to change the color of the cells under the row "Días", (it is a Calculated Field 1) if the value displayed is > 7 no need to paint the row, only the cell Thank you very much in advance!
  10. Hello Alison, I hope it is ok to reply and leave a question here, this is my first time in a forum... In a Submission form dapage, In a calculated field, I want that acording to what the user selects on field:HRCOMF my other field:HRSITI receives a value. (In the form, therefore the table) if field:HRCOMF equals 70 then i want field:HRSITI filled with a '7' if it has any other value different from 70, then I want it filled with a value found in another table according to what other field has in another table. All fields are numbers. I don't know i
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