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  1. Thank you, Vitalikssssss. That's exactly what I was looking for.
  2. We're having a problem wherein our data pages, when embedded in a web page, include a 15% left margin, 15% right margin, and 70% width. All of these are implemented via inline CSS using the !important tag. We did not add this code to our data pages, and we cannot figure out how to change it. Editing styles in Caspio Bridge has no effect—the !important tag in the inline CSS overrides all other styles. Has anyone else run into this? Do you know how to change it? I attached a screen shot taken of the embedded page with debugger windows on the right. We're launching our site this weekend, and it would be great if we could fix this problem before launch. I've already contacted customer service, and they have absolutely no idea where the code came from or how to change it.
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