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  1. Hello @JMR21, I noticed from your screenshot that Currency fields are on the 'Search and Report Wizard - Configure Details Page Fields' screen. If you are using the script on the Details page, you may want to replace "InsertRecord" with "EditRecord" in the code. On the 'Search and Report Wizard - Configure Results Page Fields' you may just change the Formatting of the fields so they will be displayed with the '$' sign. Hope this helps! Feel free to update this thread if you have further questions. Regards
  2. Hello @VincenzoCocciolo, If you would like to perform the same aggregate function on multiple field columns, you can add multiple fields to one aggregation, and the results will automatically appear in one row but in the appropriate column. Otherwise, if you need different calculations for each column, you must use multiple aggregate fields and it will appear in different rows. Please refer to the Totals and Aggregations article. Also, you may look into the Pivot instead of the Tabular Report DataPage. I found the forum post with a similar issue that may help you: Feel fre
  3. Hello @Danieljoseph, Caspio is a low-code cloud platform for building online database applications without or with a few coding Answering your question, yes, Caspio has trial period. You may sign up for 14 days trial so that you can evaluate the platform for yourself. Once you sign up to the Trial account, a Solution Consultant will be assigned to your account, and they can even demonstrate you the features of this platform and help you jumpstart your project with Caspio. And the best thing about the Trial account - it is completely FREE, no cards needed to create a trial account!
  4. Hello @OlivierDeNantes, 404 error message is a standard response code to indicate that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested. I can see that Caspio script loaded fine but the error occurs on the dev.avenue-foch.com and WordPress was not able to find the requested page. Do you have any redirection occurring on login? Check your Advanced options for any Authentication and verify that the pages for Logout Destination, Time Out & Redirection, and Login Redirection on success are valid pages. If using relative
  5. Hello @Sherif, You may check the Resizer Options of the image on the Submission form. On the Resizer Options tab, you can setup Caspio to automatically create smaller or thumbnail versions of your images as they are uploaded. Since most digital cameras take pictures far higher in resolution than can be properly used on a standard web page, this auto resizing option provides an efficient way to improve DataPage performance, reduce data transfer, and if the original is not kept also reduce your storage needs. Also, on the Image Options tab, it is possible to limit the maximum fil
  6. Hello @Jastania, As far as I know, it is not possible to pass a value of an "Aggregation" field as a parameter. If you need to save the value in the table, you may check the following forum post: How to save an aggregate value in a table Please feel free to elaborate on your workflow and to update this thread if you have further questions. Regards
  7. Hello @ServiceBreez, I had the same question but discovered that it is not possible to save aggregation values from the DataPage in the table. As a workaround, it is possible to create an Application Task or Trigger that will calculate the SUM, for example, and insert/update it in the table. You may find the following forums posts helpful: Feel free to update this thread if you have further questions. Regards
  8. Hello @BobLerner, You may check the Ready-Made Applications they have in Caspio: Ready-Made Apps Request the one you need and the Caspio Team will upload it to your account again. As an option, you may create a new Trial account in your profile. Just after Login when you are on the 'Your Caspio Accounts' screen, click on the 'New Account'. Regards
  9. Hello, I have a Submission form and want to change the background of the cell when the user changes or enters the values. For example, here is the initial view: Once the data is entered, the background is changed: How this is possible?
  10. Hello @CTW2020, You are correct, the responsive feature is not available on Pivot DataPages. The pivot table may be displayed like this if it is deployed together with other DataPages (especially those where responsive mode enabled) on the same page. As a workaround for this, you may try to deploy the DataPage as an iFrame. Hope this helps!
  11. Hello @TeamVilla, I am quite not sure what you mean by different types of tables... It is actually really easy to create Tables with Caspio. Please check the following resources: Creating Tables Learn How to Get Started with Caspio / Part 2 of 5 / Create a Table Regards
  12. Hello @TeamVilla, You can use Zapier to integrate Caspio with Checkin. Please check the following links: https://zapier.com/apps/caspio-cloud-database/integrations/checkin-no https://howto.caspio.com/integration/zapier/ Hope this helps!
  13. Hello @Glenn, To add to a previous comment. If you use a Listbox, you can configure a DataPage to limit lookup values in the Listbox field based on a user or role. So for client X, options can be A, B, C and different for client Y. You may check the following article to find out more: Filter Lookup Dropdown or Listbox Based on User or Role Also, you can Dynamically Add Options to Dropdowns or Listboxes if it is the case. Hope this helps!
  14. Hello @GUSTAVO, Please check the following articles about relationships: Database Relationships, Relationship Settings. A one-to-one relationship is used when each record in the first table has only one related record in the second table. When creating a relationship between two tables, if both fields used in the relationship are unique and set to the same data type, a one-to-one relationship is automatically set. Hope this helps!
  15. Hello @vanderLeest, Please check the following article: https://howto.caspio.com/integration/map-mashup/hiding-the-map-when-no-results-are-found/ You may use the same approach as in the article but show the button when 'No records found'. By default, the button should have the style display: none; <div id="btn_id" style="display:none; justify-content:flex-end; width:50%; padding:0;"> <input class='cbSubmitButton' type="button" onclick="location.href='https://[pagelink]?XC_ID=[@field:XC_ID]';" value="Add Contact" /> </div> Also just make sure that you cha
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