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  1. Hi @MechaNik, You can remove the "Sum of" by modifying your Localization. First, go to your DataPage's Localization. Then, click Edit > Result Pages > Labels and Markers > Value columns. You can see that its default value is "%f of %c". You can simply remove "%f of" and just leave the "%c" for the label. I hope this helps!
  2. Hi @ColinAus, I am not sure about this behavior since I was not able to replicate it. Date picker works as expected in responsive mode on my end. What browser do you use? Does the issue happen on all browsers? It will be easier to check on this if you can provide your DataPage deploy URL. Or you can contact Caspio Support so they can check on it. They have helped me numerous times with my questions.
  3. Hi @paulbennis, Yeah, you may change the white-space attribute for the label to nowrap and adjust the field width a little bit. Or you may play around with alignment. Try to paste this CSS to the Header of the DataPage. Make sure to disable the HTML editor in the Advanced tab first. <style> .cbFormNestedTableContainer{ align-items: end; } </style>
  4. Hi @pmcfarlain, It should be possible to change it in Styles. Go to Styles -> Form/Details -> Layout -> Label Cells. Change the 'Wrap Text' attribute to 'No Wrap' As another option, it is possible to change directly on the DataPage. Paste the following CSS to the Header of the DataPage. Make sure to disable the HTML editor in the Advanced tab first. <style> .cbFormLabelCell { white-space: nowrap !important; } </style> Hope this helps! Feel free to update this thread in case of further questions.
  5. Hi @pmcfarlain, I have done some research on it before as well, looking for the best CMS compatible with Caspio. I know you were looking for some other options but I would only recommend using Wordpress.org or Weebly CMS for deployment of Caspio Datapages. It is also possible to use GoDaddy but only for the Web Hosting for FTP-deployment approach not like the site builder. Here is related forum post as well: Regards, Sandy
  6. Hi @BGrambo, This error usually appears when the SELECT expression returns an array of values instead of single value. You may try to add the TOP 1 statement like this: SELECT TOP 1 CreditHold FROM CompanyCreditHolds where CompanyName = target.[@field:CompanyName] Here is the related forum post as well: Feel free to update this thread if it is not the case and the error still exists.
  7. Hi everyone! I had the same question on how to calculate median and found out that there is no built-in function in SQL for that I have found a workaround though, here is my example: SELECT ( (SELECT MAX(Price) FROM (SELECT TOP 50 PERCENT Price FROM Products_sold ORDER BY Price ) AS BottomHalf) + (SELECT MIN(Price) FROM (SELECT TOP 50 PERCENT Price FROM Products_sold ORDER BY Price DESC) AS TopHalf) ) / 2 AS Median Where 'Price' is the field name, 'Products_sold' - table name. You want to make sure to change these to your field/table names. Here is a helpful external resource as well: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1342898/function-to-calculate-median-in-sql-server I hope that it will be helpful for someone!
  8. Hi @wdandrewsshpg, If I understand you correctly, you are talking about the Keyword Search across multiple fields. You may check the article on how it can be implemented: https://howto.caspio.com/faq/reports-datapages/how-to-do-keyword-search-across-multiple-fields/ Feel free to update this thread if you were looking for something else or if you have questions. Regards
  9. Hi @Sam23, You may want to set two criteria for the search field with the "OR" Logical operator between them. More information in the article: https://howto.caspio.com/faq/reports-datapages/how-to-add-today-to-after-now-or-next-x-days-criteria/ Regards, Sandy
  10. Hi @Sam23, Basically, for the cascading dropdown to work, it should always have the parent field. As a workaround, it is possible to receive a parameter to the parent field and then hide the field with some CSS. So in total, the dropdown list will be filtered based on the received parameter but it will not be visible to the end-users. For example, if I want to filter the City Name based on the received State abbreviation. The StateAbbr is set to receive External parameter on load. And then it is hidden with the solution from this article: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/how-to-hide-fields-in-datapages/ The CityName field set up as a usual Cascading Dropdown: I hope that will help! Feel free to update this thread if you have further questions.
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    Hi @Benades, Looks like passing Parameters as Query String Values will be a good fit here: https://howto.caspio.com/parameters/parameters-as-query-string-values/ For example, http://www.site.com/registration.html?rid=[@field:Referrer_ID] Then you need to receive the parameter as [@rid] in the registration form : https://howto.caspio.com/parameters/receiving-parameters/ Hope this helps!
  12. Hello @AccessNerd, The font size in the iFrame changes since the browser treats it as the smallest breakpoint and increases the font size as it does for tablets/mobile phones. As an option, the iFrame can be resized by defining a style attribute and width:100%. You may check the article: Remove iFrame Border and Change Size Another way, is to change font size in Styles for tablet/mobile screens. Go to Styles -> Source -> All -> find .cbResultSetData class -> change font size Hope this helps!
  13. Hi @RunForrestRun, If you want to change the font color of the current record page on all Detail's DataPages then it is possible in Styles: Go to Styles -> Form/Details -> Navigation -> Current Record For more in depth customization, go to Styles -> Source -> All -> Find .cbFormJumpToTextField class -> change color or other attributes to the required value Hope this helps!
  14. Hello @PeterER8, If you want to make the Grid Edit to display as Default upon load, you may find the following forum post helpful: Regards
  15. Hello @PeterER8, Yes, it is possible to change the Label names in the Localization settings. Go to Localizations tab -> Results page -> Labels and Markers -> Grid Edit -> Custom Text Hope this helps!
  16. Hi @Arundhati, Please take a look at the URL on the webpage with 404 error. You may need to disable the 'Relative' checkbox to be redirected to the correct webpage. Hope this helps! Feel free to update this thread if you have further questions.
  17. Hi @georgep, For the Display only fields on the Details page, it is possible to change styling in the Styles tab. It should be needed to add the 'min-height' to make the fields look the same. You may go to Styles -> Form/Details -> Layout -> Source. Find .cbFormDataCell and .cbFormDataCellNumberDate classes and set the 'min-height' property to the needed value. So even if the field will be empty, the data cell will have min-height to it. Hope this helps!
  18. Hi @AccessNerd, Perhaps, the tutorial for the generating invoices will give you an idea:
  19. Hello @ParticleMel, It should be needed to add an “Any” Option to a Dropdown and leave the search value for this field empty. An empty search field does not limit search results. You may want to check the following article: Add an “Any” Option to a Dropdown Hope this helps!
  20. Hi @Darlene, If I got your inquiry correctly, you want to display the user name after the login. You may do so by adding the Authentication Field with the user's name to the Header of the DataPage. Detailed information and steps can be found in the article: Personalize a Message For Your Users Hope this helps!
  21. Hi @wimtracking2, If I understood you correctly, basically when you search for the specific records, you will be able to make these search results downloadable. Here is an article on that: https://howto.caspio.com/faq/reports-datapages/how-to-make-the-search-results-downloadable-for-users/ If I search for all the records with the First name Mary then I will be able to download only these records. Regards, Sandy
  22. Hi @myName, If I understood you correctly, you want to filter the records where Work_Date is blank or Work_Date is not today's date. Here is a workaround that I found. You may add a Difference field in the Table and populate it with the Application Task. Then use this field to Filter the needed records in View. Table (Difference - Number data type): The Task can be set up to run every day and update the Difference field. Basically, it checks the difference in days. If it is today- then difference will be equal to 0. In the View you may filter all the records where Difference field is not equal to 0. Hope this helps!
  23. Thank you for sharing this @CoopperBackpack! I have been trying to utilize this formula on the DataPage as well, however seems that there are some limitations and it works in the Table formula only. Here is alternative SQL formula that I have found. It can be used in a Calculated field/value on the DataPage: COALESCE( NULLIF([@field:A],''), '') + COALESCE(', ' + NULLIF([@field:B],''), '') + COALESCE(', ' + NULLIF([@field:C] ,''), '') + COALESCE(', ' + NULLIF([@field:D],''), '') Regards
  24. Hi @madtravellingal, Welcome to Caspio I am glad that you enjoying it so far! As far as I know, there is no standard feature to split the content of List-String into columns. However, it can be easily achieved with some CSS code. (That is what you probably used as well). You may add the following code to the Header of the DataPage. Make sure to disable the HTML editor in the Advanced tab first. <style> div[class^='cbFormDataCell cbFormBlock6'] { columns: 3; } </style> Please note that the number 6 for the cbFormBlock6, may vary based on the position of the List-String on the page. Here is a useful link for the external resource: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/columns Hope that helps!
  25. Hello @JayDub, The previous comment by kpcollier is absolutely correct. The email may not be sent because the WHERE condition is not met. I usually like to use the 'difference in days' block for this type of task. Basically, if a field with a date is in the future - then the Timestamp should be set in the first place. That said, to select the records with classes that begin in four days, the difference in days should be equal to 4. Here is the example, just swap the fields to yours: Hope this helps!
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