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  1. Hi @wimtracking2, If I understood you correctly, basically when you search for the specific records, you will be able to make these search results downloadable. Here is an article on that: https://howto.caspio.com/faq/reports-datapages/how-to-make-the-search-results-downloadable-for-users/ If I search for all the records with the First name Mary then I will be able to download only these records. Regards, Sandy
  2. Hi @myName, If I understood you correctly, you want to filter the records where Work_Date is blank or Work_Date is not today's date. Here is a workaround that I found. You may add a Difference field in the Table and populate it with the Application Task. Then use this field to Filter the needed records in View. Table (Difference - Number data type): The Task can be set up to run every day and update the Difference field. Basically, it checks the difference in days. If it is today- then difference will be equal to 0. In the View you may filter all the r
  3. Thank you for sharing this @CoopperBackpack! I have been trying to utilize this formula on the DataPage as well, however seems that there are some limitations and it works in the Table formula only. Here is alternative SQL formula that I have found. It can be used in a Calculated field/value on the DataPage: COALESCE( NULLIF([@field:A],''), '') + COALESCE(', ' + NULLIF([@field:B],''), '') + COALESCE(', ' + NULLIF([@field:C] ,''), '') + COALESCE(', ' + NULLIF([@field:D],''), '') Regards
  4. Hi @madtravellingal, Welcome to Caspio I am glad that you enjoying it so far! As far as I know, there is no standard feature to split the content of List-String into columns. However, it can be easily achieved with some CSS code. (That is what you probably used as well). You may add the following code to the Header of the DataPage. Make sure to disable the HTML editor in the Advanced tab first. <style> div[class^='cbFormDataCell cbFormBlock6'] { columns: 3; } </style> Please note that the number 6 for the cbFormBlock6, may vary based on the position of the Lis
  5. Hello @JayDub, The previous comment by kpcollier is absolutely correct. The email may not be sent because the WHERE condition is not met. I usually like to use the 'difference in days' block for this type of task. Basically, if a field with a date is in the future - then the Timestamp should be set in the first place. That said, to select the records with classes that begin in four days, the difference in days should be equal to 4. Here is the example, just swap the fields to yours: Hope this helps!
  6. Also wanted to add that you may look up the error description in this article: https://howto.caspio.com/troubleshooting/errors-and-messages/
  7. Hello @Luisakwa, This error occurs when one or more resources (for example emails, storage or data transfer) utilized by your DataPages has reached its daily or monthly limits. If you want to increase the limits, upgrade your account to a higher plan or just enable the DataPage, I would suggest contacting Caspio Support for assistance. Also, here is pretty much all the information about the Free plan: Free Online Database Builder You may also check available features in Pricing Regards
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    Hi @Faldo, And welcome to the Caspio community! Here is pretty much all the information about the Free plan: Free Online Database Builder You may also check available features here. Caspio provides all the necessary tools to add and customize records, fields, database-level calculations and table relationships, all for free. I like that you may build a Web form or Report within a seconds. Also, I find the platform very intuitive, with lots of training materials Feel free to update this thread if you have questions. Regards, Sandy
  9. Hello @MarkFarrington, I find it very useful as well that we can connect Caspio Database with third-party tools like Crelate via Zapier. Here are some useful links: https://howto.caspio.com/integration/zapier/ https://zapier.com/apps/caspio-cloud-database/integrations/crelate Feel free to update this thread if you have any further questions, maybe someone can help. Regards, Sandy
  10. Hi @Swicor, If I understand your inquiry correctly then Pivot Table Reports might be suitable for this case. Here is the setup of the DataPage that I used: Feel free to update this tread if you have any questions! Regards
  11. Hello @Shreecaterers, Swagger claims to be the most popular Open-source documentation template. It is a popular third-party tool for developers to effortlessly interact and test against Caspio’s Bridge REST API using a visual interface. Check this article for more information on how you can use the Swagger UI and Caspio: https://howto.caspio.com/web-services-api/rest-api/swagger-ui/ Regards
  12. Hello @GloriaB, The most important feature of an Update Form is to allow users to update a single record based on an identifying field. This may be done in one of two ways: A record id that is passed to the form as a parameter; User identity field in the associated Authentication or Connection (Record Level Security). As I understand, you are using the first option to receive unique 'Order_Number'. The pop-up window "Shop Update Form" is only shown in the Preview mode of Caspio Bridge to test the DataPage. You will not see it on the deployed page. That is why you are g
  13. Hi @BirdsInTheSky, You may display checkbox on the left with the following workaround. Copy and paste text for the checkbox label into the Display Text. Then, on the Advanced tab change the Label position to 'No label'. On the DataPage it will look like this: Hope this helps! Feel free to update this thread, maybe someone has another approach to this.
  14. Hello @JSorensen, This issue happens if the authentication for a DataPage is changed and in this DataPage, you are receiving a value from the source table of the authentication. It could be either changing the authentication itself or changing the source table of the current authentication. And the reason is the change in the name of the field. Areas to check are: 1- Record Level Security 2- Advanced tab in Configure Fields screen 3- Security tab of dropdowns and listboxes. And then reselect the authentication field. The Virtual field may also cause the issue if you made an adju
  15. Hello @LoveCaspio, Perhaps you may add one more "Back" button to the top of the Details Page. Add an HTML block as the first element on the 'Search and Report Wizard - Configure Details Page Fields' screen. Make sure that you disable the HTML editor in the 'Advanced' tab before pasting the code. <div class="cbBackButtonContainer"> <input type="submit" name="Mod0CancelRecord" value="Back" class="cbBackButton"> </div> You may check this forum post for reference as well: https://forums.caspio.com/topic/9109-move-back-button/ Hope this helps!
  16. Hello @emmamu, Please note that the PDF download option is not available in some plans. Check our pricing page for details. Regards
  17. Hello @samcooke909, To be able to use a multi-select option, you will need to set your field to a Listbox form element on the DataPage. And then to make your field a multi-select Listbox, it will need some customization. Please follow the steps from this forum post: Select multiple values from a listbox in a WebForm Also, it is possible to use List-string data type, but you need to be aware of the limitations for this one. More can be found here: List Data Types Hope this helps!
  18. Hello @VincenzoCocciolo, I am not sure if I understood your inquiry correctly...but I think that adding a link to a Pop-up window (instead of a frame) will help. This way, after clicking on the 'Details' link, a pop-up window will be opened on the same page. You may check this How-To article on how to do this: Generate Link Menus and Pop-up Windows Feel free to update this thread and elaborate more if you have further questions. Regards
  19. Hello @Drtimjohn, If I understand you correctly, you are referring to the number of Records that will be shown on the Report per page. You may change it on the 'Search and Report Wizard - Results Page Options' screen. Hope this helps!
  20. Hello @JMR21, I noticed from your screenshot that Currency fields are on the 'Search and Report Wizard - Configure Details Page Fields' screen. If you are using the script on the Details page, you may want to replace "InsertRecord" with "EditRecord" in the code. On the 'Search and Report Wizard - Configure Results Page Fields' you may just change the Formatting of the fields so they will be displayed with the '$' sign. Hope this helps! Feel free to update this thread if you have further questions. Regards
  21. Hello @VincenzoCocciolo, If you would like to perform the same aggregate function on multiple field columns, you can add multiple fields to one aggregation, and the results will automatically appear in one row but in the appropriate column. Otherwise, if you need different calculations for each column, you must use multiple aggregate fields and it will appear in different rows. Please refer to the Totals and Aggregations article. Also, you may look into the Pivot instead of the Tabular Report DataPage. I found the forum post with a similar issue that may help you: Feel fre
  22. Hello @Danieljoseph, Caspio is a low-code cloud platform for building online database applications without or with a few coding Answering your question, yes, Caspio has trial period. You may sign up for 14 days trial so that you can evaluate the platform for yourself. Once you sign up to the Trial account, a Solution Consultant will be assigned to your account, and they can even demonstrate you the features of this platform and help you jumpstart your project with Caspio. And the best thing about the Trial account - it is completely FREE, no cards needed to create a trial account!
  23. Hello @OlivierDeNantes, 404 error message is a standard response code to indicate that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested. I can see that Caspio script loaded fine but the error occurs on the dev.avenue-foch.com and WordPress was not able to find the requested page. Do you have any redirection occurring on login? Check your Advanced options for any Authentication and verify that the pages for Logout Destination, Time Out & Redirection, and Login Redirection on success are valid pages. If using relative
  24. Hello @Sherif, You may check the Resizer Options of the image on the Submission form. On the Resizer Options tab, you can setup Caspio to automatically create smaller or thumbnail versions of your images as they are uploaded. Since most digital cameras take pictures far higher in resolution than can be properly used on a standard web page, this auto resizing option provides an efficient way to improve DataPage performance, reduce data transfer, and if the original is not kept also reduce your storage needs. Also, on the Image Options tab, it is possible to limit the maximum fil
  25. Hello @Jastania, As far as I know, it is not possible to pass a value of an "Aggregation" field as a parameter. If you need to save the value in the table, you may check the following forum post: How to save an aggregate value in a table Please feel free to elaborate on your workflow and to update this thread if you have further questions. Regards
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