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  1. @WatashiwaJinWOW!! Thank you!!!
  2. Hi @WatashiwaJin - thank you for that suggestion. With regards to the multiple List Datapage, are you suggesting multiple datapages on a webpage? Or is there something actually called a multiple list datapage? It sounds like the javascript option sounds promising. I am not familiar with how to display based on every first occurrence. Is there a sample you might be able to point me too? (BTW, your creativity is amazing!)
  3. Is there ANYWAY possible to do grouping on a List Report datapage?
  4. OK this worked as suggested, thank you! One thing to note for others that may go down this path, it cuts off at 255 characters. So grouping is possible (yay!), but unfortunately displaying the full text area is limited to 255. Thanks again @WatashiwaJin
  5. @WatashiwaJin - sorry - I realized that you are suggesting to create the formula field in the TABLE not in the datapage. I am trying that now.
  6. @WatashiwaJin I am attempting this now. I've created the formula field. But where can I select Group By? It is not showing enable grouping on this field.
  7. Is there anyway possible to group by a text area field? Whether that is via datapage option or sql I need a way to do this. Thanks!
  8. Is there a solution to saving an aggregate value in a table?
  9. I have a datapage with a multi-select field that allows a 'system user' to set the options that will be used by another datapage that an end-user will be using. I would like to have the 'end user' be able to see/select only the options that the system user has selected to show. This is a very straight forward use-case in database apps but really struggling to make that happen easily on caspio. I've seen few others that seem to have similar use-cases but without a simple solution. Lots of JS and hokey workarounds. Hoping I'm just missing something - mights someone have a suggestion/solution?
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