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  1. Hello Could any one tell me how to put days counter in CASPIO datapages. I have created a Task, I need to show due days in my table so that my students can submit assignment on time by looking on number of days remained. Can anyone help me with that?
  2. Hello Could any one tell me how can I put a background Image or Word as a watermark in detailed page, so that whenever I print the page, the respective waterwamark appears. I am looking foward to see someone's help
  3. Hello, In Caspio, Current "show per page" default number in Results table is 25. I want this to be 10 insttead of 25, how do I change it?
  4. Hello guys, is there any way that I Can create a Custom button tha will show up in my Results page Insteat of the message "VIEW DETAILS", so that my results page could have it to go to Detailed page. Is this thing possible ?
  5. Hello My Results datapages inline Insert is not working, what could be thereason of this??
  6. Hello guys Iam Just asking, How many Files submissions Per day are Limited in Caspio Free Accounts? And Also how many Submission forms are Limited per day in CASPIO Free account? I Just want to know since I have been Getting this message ''This DataPage belongs to Caspio Account which has exceeded one of its usage limits. Please ask your administrator to increase the limit for Caspio Account. (Caspio Bridge error) (50522)'' I want to know deailed descriptions so that I can limit my self
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