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  1. How do I hide columns in a tabular report based upon parameters from querystring?
  2. Thank you. Not sure why support told me it cannot be done
  3. In my view I want to show only records where date is >= todays date. How can I accomplish that?
  4. I am trying to create a tabular view with a button on each record. Upon button pressed I want to update the status field of that record and refresh the page. How would I go about accomplishing this
  5. Do I have to have the calculated field? Can I do the Case statement in an HTML block? Thanks
  6. I have a tabular report with a few calculated fiekls. I want to add an html filed in the report that will conditionally display a link based upon a value in one of the columns. Thanks in advance
  7. DDNex

    Hide datapage

    How do I hide a datapage based upon the value of a field on the querystring. Thanks
  8. I need to create a report with drill down capability on a calculated field in a tabular report. The calculated field has subquery that calculates the total. I tried using a calculated field in an HTML block which works fine bu there is no way for me to hide the calculated field. Thanks
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