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  1. Thanks @Vitalikssssss, I am assuming I will need to add the SAML app on G Suite's side, but mostly I was just checking if there was any other option eg just going with Google as a scoail login and restricting the domain or similar. We will set up the SAML app in G Suite and then work on figuring out the necessaries for Caspio, and I'll come back here and share our experience when it's done. Or abandoned :o)
  2. I'm helping some folks at my company that are Caspio users, they want to integrate G Suite for app auth, both for staff with G Suite licenses and for customer with Google Cloud Identity accounts (provisioned through G Suite at the same domain) so I have staff in one OU full.name@domain.org and customers in another OU customer.name@secondary.domain.org (same G Suite admin panel) Is the best practice in this use case to use SAML? What are the experiences of anyone who's used Google to perform identity management?
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