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  1. Thanks! As a Caspio newbie would I never have come up with that. When I had this DB in Access I would just use a series of Union queries such as: SELECT Jan from Table1 UNION SELECT Feb from Table1 etc... Confirming that is not possible is Caspio? For that matter it appears that any use of SQL isn't available ?
  2. Hi all, Have a need to convert fields to rows leaving the original table intact and storing the result in a new table (or view). In some tools this would be referred to as an "unpivot" function. How would I do this is Caspio? See "Current data" and "Unpivoted data" below. Thanks. Current data: Jan Feb Account 1 20 40 Account 2 60 10 Unpivoted data: Account 1 Jan 20 Account 2 Jan 60 Acco
  3. Thanks to both of you. Learned a lot here. Great to be a new member with such helpful fellow members!
  4. Hi all, Trying to create a formula field in a table to concatenate a numeric field ("ID" ) and text field ("Name".) ID is Auto number field. Need to append leading zeroes to convert ID field to a string that is ALWAYS 4 characters in length then concatenate that to Name field. For example, When ID = 13 and Name = MyName result should be "0013 - MyName". Sorry if this is basic but new to this and not seeing an obvious solution. Thanks.
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