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  1. Thanks all for the feedback. Turns out Caspio actually offers hosting so the approach I landed on on is to set up a development folder on the Caspio hosing site and connect my Atom text editor to the folder and can edit the files directly. I can then copy the development files into the live site. Works like a charm.
  2. Putting together a site to host datapages. Development site is on local PC. Embed code returns only "Cloud Database by Caspio" instead of the target form. Works fine on live site but I want to be able to develop and test locally. Any suggestions?
  3. Unfortunately that actually made worse per below.
  4. Have a tabular report with Grid Edit enabled. When entering grid edit, it seems that all columns adopt the same width even though I have specified a fixed with in the report definition. See Account column in view mode: Same column in grid edit mode: How do I get this column to maintain it's proper width?
  5. Need to learn from zero how to use this. The help section is somewhat useful as far as it goes (I've managed to set up the profile etc) but looking for a resource that is more of a tutorial of sorts? Need practical example of how send, receive and process requests and responses and what tools to use in doing so. Sorry to ask such a basic question but not at all clear on how to get started. Thanks in advance.
  6. Source table BEFORE edit is: Target table BEFORE edit is: Upon ANY change to tbl_Source, I want to delete all records from tbl_Target and rebuild to reflect the records in tbl_Source. Triggered action is: (As you can see, this simply "unpivots" columns in tbl_Source to rows in tbl_Target.) I then modify a record in tbl_Source as follows (added 100 to each Account 2 field). The resulting tbl_Target does NOT reflect the edit: I then modify tbl_Target again (adding another 100 to the Account 2 record fields) as follows: tbl_Target is rebuilt from the triggered action and only NOW reflects the first edit but NOT the second edit. I created a "Task" that does the same thing and if I run that that after an edit tbl_Target properly reflects the current edit. But I can't run a task from a triggered action and the triggered action doesn't seem to have access to the edit that actually triggered the action.
  7. Upon ANY change to Table1, I want to copy all the records in Table1 to Table2. The problem I'm having is that the data I copy to Table2 from within the triggered action does NOT reflect the changes that fired the triggered action in the first place. I understand that I have access to the #inserted and #deleted rows directly but that's not what I want. I want to do a bulk update of Table2 that includes the changes to Table1 that fired the triggered action. I can do this just fine with a Task but not from a triggered action. Am I missing something obvious?
  8. Thanks! As a Caspio newbie would I never have come up with that. When I had this DB in Access I would just use a series of Union queries such as: SELECT Jan from Table1 UNION SELECT Feb from Table1 etc... Confirming that is not possible is Caspio? For that matter it appears that any use of SQL isn't available ?
  9. Hi all, Have a need to convert fields to rows leaving the original table intact and storing the result in a new table (or view). In some tools this would be referred to as an "unpivot" function. How would I do this is Caspio? See "Current data" and "Unpivoted data" below. Thanks. Current data: Jan Feb Account 1 20 40 Account 2 60 10 Unpivoted data: Account 1 Jan 20 Account 2 Jan 60 Account 1 Feb 40 Account 2 Feb 10
  10. Thanks to both of you. Learned a lot here. Great to be a new member with such helpful fellow members!
  11. Hi all, Trying to create a formula field in a table to concatenate a numeric field ("ID" ) and text field ("Name".) ID is Auto number field. Need to append leading zeroes to convert ID field to a string that is ALWAYS 4 characters in length then concatenate that to Name field. For example, When ID = 13 and Name = MyName result should be "0013 - MyName". Sorry if this is basic but new to this and not seeing an obvious solution. Thanks.
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