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    Adding Emoji

    Hey guys! I recently found out that Ned from Caspio had a livestream about using Unicode emojis on Caspio! Here's the link: I can recommend subscribing to their channel because these livestreams are great and pretty useful! - Jihyo ♥
  2. Hey there! Just dropping caspio's function reference article here since they have samples about the functions mentioned above: Function Reference - Caspio Online Help Cheers! - Jihyo ♥
  3. Hello guys! Here's another solution that doesn't use any script but uses HTML codes for the icons/symbols. I hope this helps! - Jihyo ♥
  4. Hi there! Adding here a forum post I saw that shows an icon with different colors depending on the value of the Yes/No field so you have another option: Cheers! - Jihyo ♥
  5. Hey there! I just noticed Caspio updated their PDF feature. It now allows different options such as page size and margins! Here's their updated how-to article for everyone's reference: PDF Download - Caspio Online Help - Jihyo ♥
  6. Hello there! Just dropping Caspio's function reference link here since they have a sample of this formula: Function Reference - Caspio Online Help - Jihyo ♥
  7. Hello guys! Just wanted to know if anyone already encountered this error on formula field when making case when formulas? "Error converting data type varchar to float" I'm trying to make a very simple case when formula but I keep getting that error. I tried to use the same formula in calculated fields but I just got a normal "Invalid formula" error. Case When ([@field:ItemPrice]) > 500 and([@field:ItemPromo]) = 'Half Price' then [@field:ItemPrice]/2 else 'Original Price' End Any help will be much appreciated! - Jihyo ♥
  8. Hello guys! Not sure if everyone knows about this trick already. Honestly, I didn't realize this exists and how helpful it is. If you are not sure where you'll find a specific text or element in Localizations, you can use the SEARCH function and choose "Everything" so it searches for all the elements that contains that text. I hope this helps someone out there! - Jihyo ♥
  9. Hi you guys! Just wanted to add this Caspio article about application tasks: Tasks - Caspio Online Help . Tasks are indeed ideal when you want to batch process large volumes of data such as the one provided above. And also Triggered Actions - Caspio Online Help when you want to do this real time or as you insert new records.
  10. Oh, yes! Thank you @ParkLoey! I do have hidden fields, but I'm not assigning any default values in it or receiving parameters. Why is it still considered an editable field?
  11. Hi everyone! Do you guys have any idea why I still see an update button on my details page even though I do not have any editable fields?
  12. Hello everyone! I am currently using the feature that lets my users download the results to an excel file. However, I noticed that when my users get a search result of over 50k records, the downloaded records doesn't seem to be complete. Is there a way I can download the records completely or does Caspio have limitations for record downloads through a results page? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi @Flowers4Algernon and @autonumber thank you so much for the suggestions! This was actually a duplicated post. @ParkLoey actually provided a solution here as well
  14. Hi there caspio forum peeps! I'm having a bit of a trouble trying to find a way how I can redirect different users to different pages after they log out. I was thinking of using the same approach with the redirection after login but I'm a little lost. Any other ideas? Thanks! - Jihyo ♥
  15. Just to add in the previous comments above, you can also check out Relationship Settings here: Relationship Settings - Caspio Online Help The information about using display values was mentioned there as well. - Jihyo ♥
  16. Hiyaa guys! Not sure if everyone knows about this already, but I haven't found any information about the same topic so I just wanted to share this here. You see, I have many table relationships for my app and most of the fields uses a different field as their display value. I was planning on pulling up the actual name of the employee instead of the employee ID and use it in the confirmation message page after submission. Turns out, you have the choice whether you want to use the actual value or the display value! This works on HTML Blocks, Acknowledgement sms/emails, and Notification sms/emails as well! I did find a limitation which is you can only do this to fields from the data source and not your Authentication fields. However, if your DPs data source and authentication's data source is the same, you will also see the options too. - Jihyo ♥
  17. Hi guys! I have a calendar datapage that shows schedules of clients/patients. Each day can accommodate more than 1 patient, but it can get a little confusing to see so much info in a day. Does anyone know how I can, like, put boxes or maybe anything that will separate the records from each other? Here's my test datapage:https://c7afw131.caspio.com/dp/a63390000bb5b1a6ed0344c1a94f Any help or reference would be highly appreciated! thanks!
  18. Hi guys! Just wanted to add these links about setting up authentications. It's very informative and helped me a lot when I was just starting out with Caspio https://howto.caspio.com/authentications-and-connections/authentication/ - Jihyo ♥
  19. I think it was changed when they had a new release. Maybe they incorporated it when they expanded the file name option.. https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-bridge-26-0/
  20. Hi there @khaldrogo not sure if that is possible using standard caspio features, but you can check this forum post that discusses about being able to make multiple submissions. Though this one doesn't discuss on limiting the number of times they can submit, I hope this helps and gives you an idea - Jihyo ♥
  21. Hey guys! I also found this thread and it says that your DataPage must have been recognized as abused: You can reach out to support if @ParkLoey's comment doesn't apply to you - Jihyo ♥
  22. Hi there! It's me again I just wanted to ask for suggestions on how I can create a validation type of form. Basically, my payment committee generates payment confirmation codes after a customer pays for their subscription. The customers then fill out a form that contains basic information about them such as name, amount of payment, a checkbox that they agree to the terms and conditions, and their payment confirmation code. What I want to happen is when they try to submit this form and the payment code is invalid, they will not be able to submit the form. Additionally, I do have a separate table that contains the payment confirmation code along with the customer's name and date when it was generated. Will appreciate any suggestion Thanks!!
  23. Hi! I have a submission form that contains a dropdown field. In this dropdown field, I have included a dummy option or maybe a placeholder(?) The options are: Choose one True False Since "choose one" option is just a dummy option, I want my users to not be able to choose it. Is there any way I can disable it? I believe this can't be done using standard feature. Any help will be gladly appreciated. - Jihyo ♥
  24. Hi there @HeyItsDoug! I was looking at Caspio's system requirements article ->https://howto.caspio.com/system-requirements/#:~:text=Session Cookies,issues filtering data in reports. and saw that third-party cookies or cross-site tracking prevention settings are related to displaying system messages to notify users of the issue. However, since you mentioned you already made sure that your browsers are already accepting cookies and still get this error message in specific times, I can suggest reaching out to Support for further help: https://www.caspio.com/support/ I genuinely hope you finally find a solution for this. - Jihyo ♥
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